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It’s advisable to close all running applications before running Multi Password Recovery 1.2.9 For Windows Download, so that the scanner can have full access, and not to take that much time either. Everything is quickly generated, with a side navigation pane that lets you easily browse through general areas. As mentioned above, system info like user, OS, memory, disk, running tasks, and more, are also shown.

Generate passwords and reports

Opening up folders unveils multiple items, depending on the number of accounts or services associated to one. Upon selection, the second pane lets you view related account details, so you can copy a password in case you forgot it. In case the target program or service is not on the list, there’s a built-in wizard to turn to in order to manually select a service, and specifying details to grab.

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Most computer services, like email, or social networks require some sort of security measure to protect your account, also making sure only you can access it. However, it can easily become a difficult task to remember too many passwords, but if they’re saved on your computer, then applications like Multi Password Recovery patch can help you reveal them.

Scan your PC for apps and services

Just as the name suggests, the application doesn’t necessarily target a specific service or application. What it does is scan your whole computer for applications that work with an associated account, or more, like web browsers, email desktop clients, and more. In addition, general system info is also shown.

There are also some additional tools. For instance, you can create strong passwords for new accounts, thanks to a built-in generator. Export options give you the possibility to create reports, either as a rich documents, or selecting the detail fields you want.

To end with

On an ending note, it’s pretty easy to forget a password, especially if you don’t use a specific service too often. Applications like Multi Password Recovery full version with crack make sure you can retrieve them through a quick, and easy scan process. Details are neatly organized, while export options let you generate reports to carry the list of accounts wherever you go. A great tool for password recovery and generating new passwords Download Multi Password Recovery Full Version license code – A multifunctional password decryption, removal and auditing solution for web browsers, instant messengers, installed applications, and others


  • Automatically generate passwords
  • None
  • Easy-to-use
  • User-Friendly Interface
Multi Password Recovery Full Version keygen

Moreover, this program provides an ability to automatically generate passwords for different applications. This application runs on all the popular Windows versions and has low system requirements. Therefore, if you are tired resetting your forgotten passwords, try this program and you might find it to be a reliable solution. A multifunctional password decryption, removal and auditing solution for web browsers, instant messengers, installed applications, and others

System Requirements for Multi Password Recovery:

What’s new in Multi Password Recovery?

Fixed Mozilla Firefox password decryption
Fixed Google Chrome error warnings and password decryption
Total rework of Opera decryption module
Fixed help main window screenshots
Fixed Forte Agent password decryption for passwords longer than 16 chars
Improved TurboFTP config file processing
Updated Hungarian translation
Updated Polish translation
Implemented Opera 11.10 password recovery
Implemented TurboFTP password recovery for 3.x versions
Fixed Frigate3 and TurboFTP config file processing
Implemented Internet Explorer 9 password recovery
Implemented password recovery for the following Poker Clients: Poker, 888 Poker.

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8 Comments on “Multi Password Recovery 1.2.9 preactivated”

  1. I have three registry cleaners and have just run them. Then I ran Advanced System Care and it (supposedly) found nearly a 1,000 more ‘defective’ entries. This HAS to be one of those program we are warned about that have NUMEROUS false positives for supposed system errors in the registry. I don’t believe this program for a second and am deleting it forth with.

  2. 1.) I couldn’t see ANY FILES in scan results, ONLY folders/subfolers, although found file types were listed throughout the scan. I selected 5 folders to download. They downloaded as blank folders, except one .exe file in a folder
    2.) I called the 1-888# to ask if this was a bug. The Indian guy anxiously asked me 5 times if he could remotely login to my computer. I replied that he shouldn’t have to remote in to assess the problem. He then said he couldn’t help but advised me to call back in the morning. So I called back and the next Indian guy insisted on remoting in. He immediately went to “event viewer”–> “custom views”–> “admin events”, which listed several “warning” and “error” events and exclaimed “OH YOU HAVE SO MANY VIRUSES!” I called his BS b/c I’m an engineer and knew that these “events” WERE NOT VIRUSES. Event descriptions proved that most were from ADR (NOTE I tried 4 other data recovery sw before this and NONE made these “events”) and the rest were low HD space warnings.

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