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The MorphVOX Pro Activation Key has two interfaces. The Studio interface is divided into five panes, one each for selecting preconfigured voices (Goblin, Shade, Cyborg, etc), pitch and timbre controls, sound effects, voice effects and a graphic equalizer. The skinned version shows just the preconfigured voices and some effects. Using either interface is easy. Select what you want, speak, and adjust as you go. Want to put background effects behind your voice? One click. Want to have sound effects? Again, one click. While the morphed voices won’t fool anyone into thinking you’ve changed you sex or become an alien, they are pretty good as long as they remain close to your real voice, and the far-out effects are well done.

MorphVOX Pro portable

All in all, MorphVOX Pro full setup can help you have fun while playing multi-player games with your friends or with complete strangers, but it can also be used within instant messaging apps. If you are pleased with its features, you can buy a license and enjoy them for as long as you want. Modify your voice and apply vocal effects to change the way you play games or chat online with this useful and user-friendly software solution

The program comes, by default, with six voice packs. Using them, you can make your voice sound like that of a child, a dog, a demon, a woman, a robot or a man. The program modifies the pitch and timbre of your voice through predefined parameters, which you can change at will, creating new voice effects. You can also download voices and sound packs from Screaming Bee´s site. Most of them are free, and you will be able to add new voices and sounds to MorphVOX. This program also offers the possibility of using background sounds, so you can sound like if you´re in a traffic jam or a shopping mall.


  • None
  • It´s fun
  • It´s easy to use
  • I didn’t expect the voice changing transitions to be as smooth as they are. I would assume it is more convincing to change from female (me) to male voice, but I suspect this software would do a very good job vice-versa, with of course lots of pitch/timbre tweaking… Definitely worth the $$! Thanks
  • ScreamingBee offers some of the best support and painless installs Ive seen, and they have a library of add-ons (some free). Its easy to tell they actually use their software. It is compatible with the exVox Voice Change Controller i use.
  • Actually, this software sucks. It’s one of the most horrible programs I’ve ever tried (because not even insane I would buy it)!!!
  • Fun voices, like Daemon and Robot, as well as the ability to shift characteristics of your own voice to sound like either sex. Definitely worth the time for the free trial. Male voice will sing Gregorian chants if Harmonize is set to “Fifths”
  • Morphvox pro is verry user friendly its easy to work easy to find controls within the program you get 7 days to play with it be for you have to buy it and during that 7 days none of the programs tools are locked like some other programs are. with the free morphvox its great as well but not as tweakable as the pro but still works really good. with the Pro morphvox you get free Voice packs witch is great and you can make any amount of voices you want. The program wont install any spyware or spam and it never forces you to do anything, it tells you when its out of date and you choose when you want to update it. I have been use’n morphvox for over a year now and I use it with everything with no problems. The only errors I have ever seen where user errors where the user was the one maken the mistakes that caused it to not work properly.
MorphVOX Pro Full Version portable

MorphVOX Pro 4.4 patched is a voice changer application with sound effects and background tracks built in. (There is a free application called MorphVOX Junior from the same publisher if you want to evaluate the software.) The MorphVOX Pro 4.4 Full Version Activator software is aimed at those who want to communicate online either with a change in voice characteristics, or with different effects applied. The $39.99 software installs easily.

System Requirements for MorphVOX Pro:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • DirectX
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Screaming Bee LLC
  • Last version

What’s new in MorphVOX Pro?

Allow DJ Streamer to always play when Push-To-Talk activated.
Misc. fixes. More robust authorization process.
Fix distortion in audio for Windows Audio Session under high CPU use.
Display fixes for tip of day in non English. Updates to Chinese text.
Fix driver install problems when non western paths
Fix crash in setting Key mapping preference dialog. Added Korean translations.
Fix custom sound effect distortion using Windows Audio Session.
Fix for some machines crashing when using Save As or File Open dialogs in Record.

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  1. Yeah why would there be a pro version and a free version… surely there is some sort of cost involved with the pro version.

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  3. nothing I can think off…Its perfect combo with your antivirus program. Easy to use.

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