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MemoQ 9.3.7 activator contains a translation memory engine that looks for already translated similar or identical sentences and offers you the translation for editing, a concordance engine that finds all contexts of a word or expression in the history of your translations, a terminology engine that guarantees consistent use of expressions, a very efficient aligner that enables you to build translation memories from files not translated using MemoQ full and leverage them into new translations, and all these serve you from a single environment. MemoQ 9.3.7 Full Version Registered covers the entire process of human translation, increasing productivity both during the translation work and also during product management.

MemoQ full version with crack and keygen

Download MemoQ 9.3.7 full version with crack and keygen – You can translate documents better and faster, with support for an extensive amount of languages offered by this complex yet intuitive application Import PDF, TXT, DOC, RTF, XLF or TTX files and translate their content in a number of languages. Create your translation database, manage it, view translation suggestions and apply them. Process the text in segments, merge and split sentences, import terminology from CSV or TMX files, etc.

MemoQ 9.3.7 Full Version keygen is a comprehensive and reliable software solution aimed at professional translators who need to work on multiple projects simultaneously, yet proving just as handy for less experienced individuals that are just getting started in the field.

Straight-forward and practical appearance

The program features a tabbed interface, enabling users to easily switch between its main sections, specifically ‘Translations’, ‘LiveDocs’, ‘Translation Memories’, ‘Term Bases’ and ‘Muses’, while the ‘Dashbord’ allows for quick access to the ‘Frequent Tasks’. In the lower panel of the main window, users can view the current projects along with the completion level, the creation date, the used languages as well as the deadline for the translation.


  • convoluted and not very clear. seems a cobbled together software
  • -Easy to understand-Steep learning curve: production boost up to +100%-Easier working, clear segmented text, less fatigue-Trados compatible-Price
  • I love this bit of kit for what I paid. So much more stable than some of the competition, and once you’re familiar with the inner workings, it’s very powerful.
  • UI seems a bit datedAutomatic alignments in the corpus could be better
  • Good value for money software, for professional use only.
  • It’s very customisable and the developers are great in giving responses to questions and problems.
  • -Export formats not 100% complete (biligual has taginfo, no clean export). Clean export only in target language
MemoQ full version with keygen download free

The next step consists of importing the documents which need translating, supporting a wide array of formats, ranging from TXT, DOC, PPT, PDF, RTF, to the more specialized formats, like TTX (generated by Trados), XLF, MBD, BAK, and countless more, meaning that regardless of users’ file of choice, MemoQ 9.3.7 full version patch will be able to work with it. Moreover, users will need to create a ‘Translation Memory’ or pick an existing one by importing it from TMX or CSV files. Similarly, they can create a ‘Term Base’ or select one from other available TBX files, and they can also ‘Import Terminology’ from locally stored documents.

System Requirements for MemoQ:

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or higher (for importing Microsoft Office files and preview generation)
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1GB of memory, 4GB or more recommended
  • Hard disk space: 110 MB
  • Screen resolution: 1024´768 pixels is required; 1280´800 pixels or higher is recommended.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd.
  • Last version 9.3.7

What’s new in MemoQ?

Performance enhancement:
memoQ is an industry-leading translation management system. Our products power Nimdzi 100 LSPs and Fortune 500 enterprises, and are used by tens of thousands of freelancers. In fact, our user base covers the entire language service landscape.
One of the fundamental requirements is that a great TMS should always keep up with the user’s flow of work. Heavy users of memoQ need to juggle a large number of resources: translation memories and term bases hosted on memoQ servers, accessed by freelancers in their day-to-day operations. A lag in waiting for resources to be listed doesn’t seem like much, but it really adds up when you look back on your overall productivity at the end of the day.

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  1. I bought v. 10 a week after it went on sale. Acronis sent me v.9 – it took beaucoup letters and a month to get the proper version. I used it a few times with many hassles on recovery – it SAVES fine – it just can’t fetch. Now v.10 with updates and all can’t recognize that it’s on a hard disk – so will not install any of the carefully saved images. Maybe I can make mouse doillies from them.

  2. I haven’t figured out how to flip the way a door opens in the 2D drawing. I can only get it to rotate, not flip on the horizontal axis. This may just be user error on my part.

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