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Your account tab in the settings menu displays the associated email address and the level of occupation of the storage space. Additionally, you can customize the cloud space by creating new folders and set limitations to the bandwidth. When synchronizing files, you can choose whether to perform a full cloud account update or transfer files to selective folders.


MEGAsync 4.3.1 Full Version pre-Activated is an intuitive and reliable software that offers an alternative to file backup and allows you to use storage space online as well as create duplicates for your documents, executables, databases and other important items. You can update the files in your local folder then explore them on your cloud drive immediately.

MEGAsync keys

Everything you copy to this folder will be immediately and automatically synchronized with your account on MEGA’s online storage service. Thus, you will be able to access your files wherever you are. Access them from other PCs or mobile devices, by just entering your MEGA account’s cloud folder “Windows Sync” in “My cloud drive”. Download MEGAsync 4.3.1 Free Download Activator for free and discover the advantages of this desktop client to synchronize files. It enables you to effortlessly synchronize folders on several computers

Access and work with your data securely across different locations and devices. It’s always on and fully automatic. You can choose to synchronise your entire MEGA account or configure multiple selective syncs between folders on your computer and folders in your MEGA account. Manage all your transfers conveniently from within the MEGAsync 4.3.1 Full Version key transfer manager. Manually upload specific files from your computer to MEGA or import MEGA links for download to your computer. The app moves deleted files to special folders on your local computer and in your account so they can be restored if you need to. MEGA sync (MegaDownloader) securely interacts with your internet browser, handling file transfers for enhanced performance.

MEGAsync Full Version Serial Key

Large storage space

After configuration, MEGAsync Full Version Serial Key runs in the background, so it does not interfere with other processes you undergo. You can easily access MEGAsync key’s main menu from the system tray and view the most recent updates, as well as the amount of space available on your cloud drive. Your MEGAsync precracked cloud account supports up to 50GB of data space, which makes it a suitable option for backing up your important files. It is all the more convenient since the synchronization is automatic, meaning that any file added to the source folder is instantly copied to the cloud.

Processes and settings

The synchronization process is continuous, so the software displays the status of transfer when you restore it to desktop. However, you can press Pause and suspend the synchronization at any time.

System Requirements for MEGAsync:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author MEGA
  • Last version 4.3.1

What’s new in MEGAsync?

New in this version:
Support for user notifications.
Support to send bug reports from the settings dialog.
New restyling of main dialog.
Performance improvements when dealing with a huge amount of syncs and transfers.
Improved support for business accounts.
Support links to files and folders inside a public folder link.
Improvements for synchronization with FAT32 filesystems.
Other UI fixes and adjustments.
Other performance improvements, UI fixes and adjustments
Fix UI glitch with unaligned borders in MacOS
Fix show in folder when saved in root folder in Windows (drive letter)
Localized separator for decimal values in sizes

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  1. I want to be a member and I need to do any research and community services on any reproductive and child health

  2. I appreciate the speed and the amount of additional space compared to the rest of cloud services.

  3. Had to remove all IoBit software from my computer due to trust issues. should remove them as well.

  4. Easy to use, with some nices features for editing images. Uploading images to webalbum is quick and easy.

  5. The one click system to clean up your computer makes sure you loose a lot of useful information like cookies and favorites, unless items are checked one by one, which is a cumbersome task.

  6. Too hobbled to function without paying. I pay for stuff i use and like, this is a come-on and an irritating use of 20 minutes of my time.

  7. It should be multiple Language platforms (Like Spanish). Filter task for users if you have administration rights. I can’t see where to write the charges. It needs like a control panel that indicates that someone has add or altered tasks, activities or projects. Define tasks as Private so no other user can see them and include it in the filter.

  8. Changes search and home page in all browsers and adds a tool bar without notifying you or asking first. The download didn’t have an option for custom install.

  9. I would like some type of summary of each child’s progress. I contacted Tinman Learning and was informed that this is in the works.

  10. This program does not seem to allow Tuneup Utilities 2008 to work as fast as previously, especially when Tuneup is doing a one click scan. Maybe there is a compatibility problem here.

  11. Having nothing but problems with this program. Keeps freezing up, not responding. Continually kicking me out of Chat service, claiming i;ve signed in another Chat Service or device which is not true.

  12. Can’t get it to work well with Joomla or Drupal, but I’m also less familiar with those programs and I don’t use them very much so it isn’t really an issure for me.

  13. I was unable to activate this software as the developer’s website was down – and was still down several days later.

  14. CONSTANT registration nag. Won’t let you demo the product. After I have spent 35 years of programming I am ashamed to see this on market. Blew it away after 5 minutes and 7 registration nags.

  15. When my Acronis 11 stopped working out of the blue, neither tech support nor I could get it going again. They gave me Acronis 2009, but still it would not get past the start backup function, same as Acronis 11.

  16. Massive fail. Could not even remove Hijack browser apps from Spigot or Conduit. These are very low strength apps. Don’t recommend. At all.

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