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MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One Solution of a Multimedia Player! MediaPlayer -show playlist as Treeview/Coverflow -plays all Audio/Video Files -Shutdown/Hibernate after last Title/actual Title -"Sidebar" – Playlist -intelligent Random function -Bookmarks -WakeUp with your PC! -Zoom Function -Visuals -WinAmp2 Plugins usable -internal Databases up to 100000 titles -Automatic Show/Hide of VideoWindow -Hardlink/Softlink/Folder Junction Tool -Lyrics Search Tool -Podcast Download Tool -extremely fast sorting -internal DSPs MediaPlayer and DVDPlayer -Audio/Video Delay -Equalizer -Treble Enhancer -True Bass -Virtual 3D Surround -Amplify -Channel Order -Compressor -DownMix -Dynamic Amplify -Echo -Notch -Phase Invert -Phaser -Pitch Scale -Pitch Shift -Tempo -Bandpass / Highpass / Lowpass Filter -DMO Filter (DirectX Filter) -Chorus -Compressor -Distortion -Echo -Flanger -Gargle -Parametric Equalizer -I3DL2 Reverb -Waves Reverb DVDPlayer -many DSP Filters -Bookmarks -ZoomFunction OnlineRadio -plays any Shoutcast Stream DVR -Digital Video recording/viewing from TV or CAM – includes R4 Visuals and the best, its free

MEDIA Revolution full version with crack

MEDIA Revolution 4.0.3 Full Version license code is a media player with an innovative design that is capable of playing more media file types than other similar applications. It has an interface that is intuitive and features really easy navigation, which resembles Winamp in its organization panels. The floating panels consist of several windows: one showing the media file playlist, the video display, the information-control panel containing data about the current media file being played, and a side panel with options, games, and some utilities. MEDIA Revolution 4.0.3 full download has the ability to play several videos in its own display window, feature not supported, for instance, by Windows Media Player. You can watch DVDs and also listen to different streaming radio stations at the same time.

The utilities contained on the main panel include a Clock and a Calculator, aside from the configuration and other options. It also has a media lab so the users can organize all their media on the computer and a cover flow feature similar to iTunes. I recommend MEDIA Revolution 4.0.3 crack because it offers more options than other media players, plus it is compatible with Windows 7 now. Media player with a modern interface, which supports a video recording tool, bookmarks, online radio, audio effects, among others


  • Open more than 1 video at the same time
  • Needs more RAM memory than itunes
  • Panels keep moving and hiding regardless of the custom settings
  • Has some useful extra utilities
  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Multiple media files can be played simultaneously
  • The radio player was the only usable part of this download
  • no problems or cons found
  • There were 4 windows I could access, one was in German. No easy way to figure out how to play files. Only radio was bearable.
  • It can do almost everything what any Video or Audio Player needs.It has All possible needed DSPs for chaning Audio and VideoThe intelligent Random is like you have your own tv sender
  • What did you guys doing with this player, to add titles simply drag and drop a folder or some tites into the player, or where youve found the next Folder button, below this is a ig ADD Button, click on it and there Add Folders or Add Titles …. Is really a Pro needed for this? Also you can move your mouse to the left monitor side, and there wait until the Playlist is slided in, and there is also a ADD Button and much more, and you can also drag files here.The inteligent Random function did play like you have your own tv sender. I dont have any tv since ive using MEDIA Revolution. Perfect PC for this Player has multiple Monitors, i have one MIMO USB mini Monitor on my Desk, wheres the Sidebar / Playist and the Deskdisplay from MEDIA Revolution, and on one 47 Inch LCD in Front, theres the Videowindow of MR. Its the only Player which can do this in this way. Its the perfect MEDIA Center. I dont have any DVDPlayer or something else since using it. If you have Audiodelay or something like that, you can fast change it with rightclicking on the Audio Button in the Videowindow, or below DSP. Every Delay is saved into the Playist, so when you play the title again, the Delay is already set. MEDIA Revolution can start your PC to a desired Time from Hibernate or Standby. With this function you can Wake up with your Favourite Song or Video.The intelligent Random has some Addiotnal functions like the TV Mode, with this you can set prefered Genres for every day and time, example, every Friday at 22 o Clock Play X-Files and something like that. No other Players did have such a feature like i now.With the Search function you can also Search for similiar Titles, and this function shows you also which of these similiar titles you already have in your playlist. This is powered by Tastekid.comThe DVR can also record Webstreams, if you have the url of it. The DVDPlayer can make Bookmarks, and also have all DSPs for Audio like the MediaPlayer has.The Playist is extremey fast, sorting 60000 titles does only need ap. 5 seconds. It saves much more infs than only the title, also the kind of file, codec, resolution, quality, a memo for your own text to this file and much more.You can build as much Playlists and also Favouriteslists as you want to. When youre moving the mouse on the Speaker or Eye icon in the Playlist or Favourites or also in the Treeview, you can Preview/or hear the fies with an internal secondary Preview Player, and also play it within the DVR. The Playlist is also available as an Treeview, where you can find much fast what youre searching for, if you have sorted your files within Folders. Here you can also search for new Files in Folders, or you can make Hardlinks/Softlinks and Folderjunctions, This Tool is also possible from within the Sidebar, which has some more usefull Tools.Theres so much more what you can do with MEDIA Revolution and its so much more easier than you think. Its the only Usefull Player for Extremely Massive Media Collections.I Love it! Updated on Jun 17, 2011
  • Completely unusable interface. I could not find a way to browse to my own media files, there were only next track / next folder and previous track / previous folder options. I wonder if you can even browse to anything recorded via the DVR? Useless.
  • Don’t waste your time. All you will have to look forward to is an ugly, useless, unusable interface. Oh, and the awesome samples, which you better like since you can’t listen to anything else. Unless of course you open your own file by double-clicking if file types are associated with this piece of drivel, because that’s the only way to get this thing to open your own files. From that point you can browse by going forward or backward through tracks or folders. It might be able to play CDs or DVDs but I didn’t try it on those since I keep my media files on my hard drive (as do most people anymore), and if this thing can’t properly browse those then it’s useless.IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND THE DEVELOPERS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY EMBARRASSED TO HAVE RELEASED IT.
MEDIA Revolution Full Version serial code

MEDIA Revolution serials rounds useful aid flax for the daily work to an almost inexhaustible multimedia component system off. It requires only a comparatively small memory and processor extent of utilization. It has enormous function range and the support of numerous media formats. By it’s enormous function range and the support of numerous media formats MEDIARevolution is the only Player you really need on your PC! Apart from playing video and audio files as well as DVD’s, you get a complete media administration and a digital video recorder. Perfect for Massive Media Collections!

System Requirements for MEDIA Revolution:

  • CPU 1000 MHz and up
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • Min. 160 MB free disk space
  • Min. resolution: 1024×768
  • Sound card required
  • Optional: TV Card
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author IN MEDIA KG
  • Last version 4.0.3

What’s new in MEDIA Revolution?

FIX: Various small bug fixes
Update: New version of v3 SQLite3.dll. 7.15.2
FIX: Some codec updates
Update: MEDIA Revolution is freeware now
Bugfix: fixed some small bug fixes
Update: New version of v3 SQLite3.dll. 7. 15
Bug fixed: Search window Resultliste now with Coverpreview
Bugfix: Deskdisplay always in the background is now also on multiple monitor systems
Bugfix: fixed sidebar start button on Windows 8 now Windows UI (Metro) displays
Update: New audio recorder added
Bugfix: favourite cover read problem fixed
Bugfix: fixed EVR renderer

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26 Comments on “MEDIA Revolution 4.0.3 license Key”

  1. complex, far to many windows… other than that quite function but far too cluttered to use, install media monkey or alshow or vlc video lan player, they are far better…

  2. Love this program, it does what many upon many add-ons and other normal ad blocking programs does, can or was intended to do. Just love it.

  3. Elements hop all over the page. Spread to cover wall-to-wall. Many elements missing. (After process mentioned above.)

  4. UI is not like most programs so it takes a few minutes to understand how to use it

  5. This latest edition was confusing to download and install. I finally dowloaded each part individually. Thus I have pieces but nothing working together under a single program.

  6. Install can be a bit of an endless loop. Required my intervention to get a shortcut where I wanted it.

  7. wouldn’t let me restart or turn off the computer; wouldn’t completely let firefox shut down.

  8. – Takes longer than winamp to load music collection
    – Had to manually choose audio output device. The default didn’t work
    – had to deselect “volume is windows master” to make volume controls work
    – feels a little like beta.

  9. This software is perfect for me to practice my piano. It is incredible. Keep it up, guys!

  10. There are many administrators in the game. A large majority of them remnants of past years and largely inactive – and therefore redundant in most respects. A few of the trainers were helpful, particularly – Insban, Ziggystud, Knight Killer, White Knights, Dreamin Spirit, and Royal Assassain. Aside from those few, the others have been cold, heartless, and unhelpful in there training abilities. My only con would be better organization of admins and Trainers in game. Graphics arent that great, but…as I said in pros…thats a good thing. Not a bad thing.

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