MDB Viewer Plus 2.62 Full Version Registered

MDB Viewer Plus full version crack

A viewer and an editor for MDB databases with less features than professional software

As a conclusion, MDB Viewer Plus crack makes the perfect choice if you require an application to handle existing Access databases. It’s true that you can create databases as well, but you cannot expect it to perform jobs such as database analysis and maintenance. Download MDB Viewer Plus portable – A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files that enables you to open such files and make modifications without having Access installed MDB Viewer Plus 2.62 cracked is a freeware viewer plus editor for Microsoft Access MDB and Accdb database files. A tool for opening Microsoft Access MDB and ACCDB database files A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files that enables you to open such files and make modifications without having Access installed

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Bottom Line

If you’ve ever needed to open an MDB file and don’t have access on your machine, this is an effective solution to your problem. The software is a little dated and a little cumbersome, but ultimately it performs the tasks you ask it to do admirably. For software that is about functionality and not designed for any sort of entertainment purposes, those drawbacks aren’t enough reason to keep away.

MDB Viewer Plus 2.62 full version patch is a freeware viewer and editor for Microsoft Access MDB and Accdb database files. It does not require an install to run provided that Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) is installed on your PC (In most versions of Windows this is the case). MDB Viewer Plus full version has been written to provide a free, quick and easy way to view, edit, filter, sort, and search MDB files without having Microsoft Access installed. This is useful if you need to look at an MDB or Accdb file but do not have Microsoft Access installed on your PC. It is not yet a full database development solution but does allow you to view MDB or Accdb files without an Access license.


  • nothing nothing
  • Open and view Access mdb database files even if you don’t have Microsoft Office Access.
  • Full of bugs;- Table info gives wrong information about everything displayed in there (field precision, required info, primary keys info etc..). – Indexes are not correctly detected- Primary keys are not correctly detected, nor you can change them- Multiple bugs in query window & execution – Tables and queries are all “tables”.etc etc…
  • Yes, it allows a user who does not have Microsoft Access to view the data in an Access file. But I do have Access, and was able to view the data in a file of the newer .accdb format that I would have otherwise been unable to view. My older Access version is limited to .mdb files, and was unable to remotely explain remotely to the owner of the file how to re-save it for me in the older format. The utility even let me export the data to a .csv (comma separated values) text file, from which one can import to Excel or an older Access version.
  • The CSV file it exported (see “Pros”) contained HTML formatting code which I had to remove with a <*> search and replace using a text editor. Minor inconvenience, give that it ‘saved my bacon’.
MDB Viewer Plus Activator Free Download

MDB Viewer Plus Full Version Activator compensates this need and offers a very simple way to view databases created with Microsoft Access. Please note that it is not a replacement for Access, but an alternative to view MDB files without installing or purchasing Microsoft’s product.

Manage the database content with this portable application

MDB Viewer Plus 2.62 pre-Activated is a portable application, which means you can carry it on a removable drive and run it from there without affecting the system registry. Even though Microsoft Access is not a requirement, the app relies on the Data Access Component (MDAC) in order to successfully be launched and perform tasks.

System Requirements for MDB Viewer Plus:

What’s new in MDB Viewer Plus?

Form view fix and some slight improvements to the table design feature.
Maintenance release to fix a few bugs
This is the maintenance release to fix a few issues that have come up as a result of all the major alterations of version 2.58. I have improved the recent dialogue window a little. There will be another maintenance release in another couple of days.
2.58 has taken a while to release. It has basically had the guts ripped out of it and re-organised. The tables are now open from the tables list instead of a row of tabs under a tables tab. This makes each table open as it's own instance just like the query tabs. On the main tool bar I have moved a lot of the table related buttons to the new table tabs. Although these changes do not sound like much it actually makes a big difference. The overall interface is now much simpler and more dynamic. It makes more sense this way.

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23 Comments on “MDB Viewer Plus 2.62 Full Version Registered”

  1. It has worked fine, had to reinstall both my PC and my phone about to find out if it will install again, and it keeps working!

  2. There are a few minor things that are not included, like securely deleting the original data. It would also be nice if it included integration into the file system, so you could negotiate BCAcives within windows, and not in the program.

  3. its a pain to try to install I have tried three times I had this before I repaired my computer now it wont work at all

  4. I’m in love with this program and I use it all the time – best I came across to print labels on cd’s, dvd’s & to make covers

  5. The application may seem old but that doesn’t impact the functionality
    It could use some support for Tab/Enter key but it won’t bother you much if all you use is the mouse.

  6. I wasted 45 minutes of my life today trying to figure out how to add files to a new archive. I looked at the help files that talked about a menu to do this and explained all the options. Nowhere did the help file say that the menu was available by right clicking. I double checked this before writing this review. Once I accidentally figured this out, everything was fine.

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