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The application will allow you to view a thumbnail image of the detected files, as well as their total duration. You can choose the output folder for the grabbed item, permitting you to quickly locate a video immediately after saving it. Also, you can render it in your default media player by pressing the 'Play' button or go to the folder it is stored in, by pressing on 'Open File'. MassFaces 4.2 Full Version Serial Key features a function that enables you to search 'Public Video Links on the Web' by use of a keyword on either Google or Google English. The results however, are displayed in your default web browser. To conclude, MassFaces Activator Free Download is a useful and efficient application that allows you to quickly grab your favorite videos from your Facebook timeline or that of your friends, in little to no time, so you can watch them whenever you want.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s social network doesn’t let us download videos by default. MassFaces full version with keygen download free is an easy-to-use program developed to offer us a system capable of downloading any Facebook video in just two clicks. Your favorite Facebook video on your PC in two clicks.

How MassFaces full works

Working with this program is really easy. You only have to access your Facebook account from the interface and use the search tool “My Album Video” to search for, select and download any of the videos detected in your account.

The program is fairly simple to work with, all you need to do is login to your Facebook account and have MassFaces 4.2 full version serial keys search through 'My Video Album' for any movies that you can download, then displaying them in the main window. Prior to saving the videos to your computer, you can 'Filter Video Album Results', so as to display a certain number of items at most. You then have the option of grabbing them to your PC in either 'Standard Definition' or 'High Definition'. At the same time, you can download a snapshot from the movie. Moreover, MassFaces Free Download Activator lets you look through your friends' 'Public Video Album' by entering their username URL and enabling you save any video that is of interest to you from their records.

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We’ve already described how to use MassFaces 4.2 serial code: Paste the URL of a Facebook page that allows video access and hit the “Search” button. Browse the results and download your choices. Then watch them in your usual media player. If necessary, you can limit the number of results with the Filter option. Targeted searches (such as keywords) would be a nice addition, but MassFaces 4.2 Activation Key certainly made it easier to find our friends’ videos.

System Requirements for MassFaces:

  • Facebook account
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Havy Alegria
  • Last version

What’s new in MassFaces?

Improved several internal issues of application performance.
Fixed several bugs discovered of previous version.
Changed license type: MassFaces now is only a free software (there is no Plus edition for this product anymore). Then, all features of the program are enabled and available for all users. Enjoy!
Changed previous prerequisites for Windows XP: MassFaces now needs Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) installed in the computer for the application can run and load Facebook API.
Changed previous prerequisites for Windows Vista: As Internet Explorer 7 is included in Windows Vista, it is not necessary install this prerequisite.

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  1. I cant say anything negative about this product yet. I tried 1/2 dozen products and all failed and this was a breeze and great!

  2. If you ask LibreOffice to do anything special it will screw up. It crashes all the time, and the last time I almost lost my end of term paper.

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