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Send mass emails to subscription-based mailing lists Massive emailing is easily mistaken as SPAM, nevertheless, there may be situations in which sending thousands of identical emails doesn’t automatically imply SPAM, for example, the monthly bulletin of an association or a notification to all users by a website. To make massive mailing easier for these purposes we can make use of Mail Bomber 11.4 full version with keygen download free , a very interesting tool.

Mail Bomber Full Crack

Mailing lists can be created by importing addresses from text or Word documents and can be exported for use with other software. Recipients can be categorized into categories with suggestive names, while messages can be saved as templates for later use. In addition, Mail Bomber serials features integration with Outlook Express; thus, the messages you compose in Outlook can be sent from Mail Bomber activator without much effort. Also, the software provides your recipients with Subscribe / Unsubscribe options, offering your clients a clear choice regarding your newsletters. In conclusion, Mail Bomber 11.4 cracked makes a great emailing companion, especially for companies that are looking to advertise their products. It’s aimed mostly at small or medium-sized business, but home users, who wish to send greeting cards or invitations, can benefit from it as well.

Sends many e-mails at once A mass mailing software to send personalized letters to your subscribers and friends. It helps to create and manage multiple mailing lists. Includes templates to personalize e-mails, and allows to add recipients names and personal details, as well as save messages as templates for further use. E-mail and mailing lists have become an important feature for many web sites and individual PC users. Whether you are notifying customers of new products or simply sending an e-mail message to a group of friends, mailing lists offer a quick and easy way of communicating.


  • User-friendly interface
  • May not be sufficient for large businesses
  • Easy to send large mailings
Mail Bomber Full Version Activation Code

In addition to e-mail address, you can enter the names of customers or friends. Once the desired template is chosen, all you need to do is compose your e-mail message. While Mail Bomber 11.4 codes is in operation, it automatically merges names with the e-mail messages. Mail Bomber with crack lets you efficiently manage your mailing lists. You can perform searches for records as well as modify, insert and remove items.

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  2. You have to register after you install it otherwise it won’t work. The Gui or user interface needs work . I tried to synchronize lyrics with song seems like alot of work ! you have to click each word while the song is playing in order to synchronize them together. Totally useless for me since i can not get them synchronized as one. It also contains an annoying pop-up when you start the program.

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