LightLogger KeyLogger 6.15.1 Serial Key

LightLogger KeyLogger serial keys

A great tool for concerned parents who want to keep tabs on their children’s computer use, LightLogger also comes in a free trial evaluation version. See HeavenWard’s articles about children and internet dangers. Download LightLogger KeyLogger 6.15.1 Full Version Serial Key – Minimal application that provides users with a simple means of monitoring how their computer is used while they are away, and comes packed with a stealth mode Minimal application that provides users with a simple means of monitoring how their computer is used while they are away, and comes packed with a stealth mode

LightLogger KeyLogger Full Version keygen

A last evaluation

If we were to vote for an improvement, we would most likely choose a password protection feature to make sure nobody can close the application if it is spotted running on the system. Plus, dedicated features to upload the logged information on a server or send it via e-mail would be great. Overall, LightLogger is a simple way to keep an eye on computer activity. With a few improvements here and there though, it would most likely become a top product.

Customize snapshot parameters and apply a stealth mode

While all the other monitoring options come with absolutely no settings, the only item to be configured is the screenshot utility that can be set up to grab a new picture at a specific interval. In addition to that, the user can choose a certain quality level and thus save space on the hard disk. LightLogger KeyLogger 6.15.1 premium also provides a so-called “Stealth Mode” that keeps the application completely hidden from prying eyes. Of course, you can configure a hotkey to call the application at any time.


  • Simple to install. Invisible to most people. Logs keystrokes everywhere, in web pages, applications, system, etc. It gets screenshots, and you can configure how often and the resolution (file size). Other information on programs run as well. Very nice!
  • Like all keyloggers, you may need to whitelist this software in your antivirus to allow it to install. Then you’re good to go.
  • Go for it!
LightLogger KeyLogger keygen

The thing that makes LighLogger such an effective monitoring tool for parents is that in runs discreetly in the background without the user being able to detect in. In addition, it can only be accessed through a hot-key combination that you can customize, along with a password. All in all, it is easy to install and easy to use. You can download the trial version to get a hang of the program before you consider purchasing it.

System Requirements for LightLogger KeyLogger:

What’s new in LightLogger KeyLogger?

Now URL monitoring also works with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
Windows 10 support.
Version includes improved website monitoring.
Windows 10 support
Windows 10 Support
Support of Windows 8.1 build 9600.
Improved keystrtoke logging for Windows 8
Improved German Localization.

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  1. Epic is a very well build software. Especially for Indian language. Currently they are planning on Version 2. Version 1.9 is available. It is just firefox with some added features. All firfox addons are compatible.

  2. It will take a little “testing” to ensure you have the right output–balancing the size as well as the quality of the “end-product video”.

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