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LanSpy license Key is a set of network utilities brought together in a single program with simple and easy-to-use interface. LanSpy full download help network administrators maintain and manage their networks. LanSpy Full Version Activation Code includes fast port scanner for gathering information about open ports on remote computer, LanSpy 2.0 Full Version license Key displays services using these ports. Look at your computer with bad guys eyes! Network security scanner that can provide you with extensive information about networked computers, packing a wide range of tools within an intuitive UI

LanSpy full version with keygen download

Of course, you need access to the scanned computer, so LanSpy Full Version Activator may fail to retrieve the aforementioned details when scanning certain IPs. Still, the settings screen solves the problem by letting you input an username and password for the scanned system, thus granting access to collect all details. And speaking of the settings menu, besides authentication, you can also configure the operations to perform when scanning an IP, but also port scanning and the adjacent parameters. Another good thing about LanSpy keygen is that it can export the results to XML or HTML, which basically allows you to analyze the information at a later date. Obviously, it needs just a small amount of resources to get the job done and it does not even need to ask for administrator privileges to work properly. All in all, LanSpy free full download can prove to be very helpful, but without access to the scanned system it is not all that useful. Otherwise, it's one of the easiest ways to get info on a specific machine without too much effort.

LanSpy pin has been developed to gather other information about remote computes such as, Ping, domain names, NetBIOS Names, MAC addresses, Server information, Domain (workgroup) information, domain controllers, remote control, time, disk, transport, users, logged users, shared resources, security options and event log. With the help of LanSpy crack one can learn about the remote computers pretty easily.


  • Provides a lot of network information
  • None
  • Free
  • Good results from scans
  • Results can be exported to XML
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Download LanSpy Full Version Activation Key – Network security scanner that can provide you with extensive information about networked computers, packing a wide range of tools within an intuitive UI LanSpy setup is a security scanner used by network administrators for managing and maintaining their networks LanSpy serial code is a set of network utilities brought together in a single program with simple and… LanSpy Full Version Activation Code is a very easy to use IP scanner that can check a defined IP and retrieve information about the system. The interface is simple and intuitive, so in case you're okay with the standard settings, you have nothing else to do than to input the IP you wish to scan and start the process. LanSpy Full Version Registered shows information such as logged users, global and local groups, password policy, MAC address, DNS name, TTL and RTT, shared resources, opened files, services and processes, TCP and UDP ports and network statistics.

System Requirements for LanSpy:

What’s new in LanSpy?

Added: Italian language. Thanks to Gogo from Italy
Added: Polish language. Thanks to Szymon Ogrodnik from Poland
Fixed: Spelling mistake. Thanks to Tim
Fixed: Minor bug fixed
Added: an opportunity scanning ranges of ports.
Added: batch scanning TCP of ports.
Added: gathering information about network adapters.
Added: reading HTTP-banners with determined TCP ports and format НТТР-request.
Added: a tag for properties of port "Is Trojan port".
Added: support of XML format – load and save.
Added: LanSpy registers itself in system, for opening XML files from the menu "Open with LanSpy… ".

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  1. The cons are that I haven’t read much on specs and so not sure if there is a better choice than the default one that’s already chosen… but that’s my issue and not the software.

  2. I always get an error that shuts it down when i go to options, choose a rule to run, and press run now. I just don’t do it. There are other ways to invoke this command other then being in that screen.

  3. Company offering product is double minded. After you pay for the software the person wants more money – I had my inbox full of emails to upgrade to have it longer.

  4. 88 Meg
    The interface did not seem Windows oriented
    My system started failing after uninstalling this software.

  5. Make sure you go through the tutorial! Setting up different profiles requires a little bit of thought and planning.

  6. I’d like to se, if possible, a more modern user interface, but this program is SO functional, it compensates well for that!

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