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The program is easy to use. You only need to open the desired file and adjust several controls such as level, balance, attenuation, and treble/bass boost. The program also allows you to change the key and tempo of the song according to your voice type. I tested the program on songs from different records, and found that the default settings work pretty well in most cases, provided that the songs are in WMA, WAV or other high-quality formats. If you use a low-quality format, the results tend to be poorer, so you may want to take this into account. The program also has options to merge different tracks into one and to extract clips from songs. You can adjust the settings of the output file.

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Merge multiple songs and cut some fragments

The “Merge” function lets you add multiple songs and merge them to create CDG or BIN format files. During this operation, you can skip the silence at the beginning and end of each song for a user-defined number of seconds. The “Clip” component enables you to cut away fragments from a file's beginning or end.

Bottom line

To conclude, Karaoke Sound Tools Full Version Registration key is an interesting and useful application that can help you quickly create karaoke songs, by completely eliminating the vocals and adjusting various other audio aspects. The response time is good, the computer’s performance is not going to be hampered and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes.

You can use the trial version of the program a limited number of times. Also, it will process only the first minute of each song, showing a “nag screen” from time to time. If you want to get rid of all these limitations, then you will need to purchase a license. Karaoke Sound Tools Activation Code is a fun and easy to use piece of software designed to provide you with the proper means to prepare for your next karaoke party, in just a few simple moves.


  • Good results
  • Easy to use
  • A “nag screen” appears from time to time, which is really annoying and prevents to test the program fully
Karaoke Sound Tools license Key

Eliminate the vocals and change the tempo

Subsequently, you can enable or disable the “Vocal Remover”. If you choose to eliminate vocals from your song, you can set the preferred removal level, 100 meaning your output audio file will contain absolutely no audible words. In addition, you can also modify the “Balance,” the “Attenuation” level or the “Bass” and “Treble” boost. The “Key Changer” allows you to modify or keep the original audio key, so the song can be adjusted for each singer's voice. Similarly, you can use the “Tempo Changer” to speed up or slow down the progression of the audio file.

System Requirements for Karaoke Sound Tools:

After removing vocal, is the music still stereo enabled?

The vocal is often mixed in the middle of the stereo channels. In the worst case, the final music file will be still stereo but the quality of the sound might decrease.

Will you be able to write the lyrics after the vocals are removed with the help of the software?

No, the software can’t be used to write the lyrics, but my advice is to use the software to write the lyrics first and then remove the vocals. You can use any text editor installed in your computer to copy the lyrics or use Google to search for them. I can guarantee that you’ll find them much faster. However, if you need additional information about the software, access its official website.

What’s new in Karaoke Sound Tools?

Minor bug fixes to features from 2.0.8
Minimize button now works properly
Fixed problem with WAV files
Added Merge
Added Clip
Modified user interface
Modified balance algorithm

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