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Simulate the iOS environment on your Windows computer. Launch and run iOS applications, play games, test apps, listen to your favorite music, watch movies, view photos, browse App Store, and get desktop access to Siri and iMessages. Customize the shortcuts and manage the content on your iOS device. iPadian For Windows Download is an iOS 10 simulator for Windows and Mac. It comes with many apps and features including iMessages, Siri, App Store, etc. This application also allows you to try Watch OS, and TvOS. iPadian 10.1 Full Version Activation Code‘s aim is to let everyone experience the Apple’s Ecosystem.

iPadian cracked

iPadian 10.1 Full Version serial code runs in fullscreen mode only but it allows fast access to the desktop using the dedicated button in the lower right side of the screen. Its response time to user actions is quite impressive, since none of the integrated or downloaded apps take long to load.

Get familiarized to iOS devices on your Windows desktop

The simulator includes a set of predefined apps that already have shortcuts on the virtual desktop while the custom App Store brings together all the compatible utilities in a single place.

Note: The newest edition of iPadian 10.1 with crack is no longer freeware but commercialware (no free trial or demo). This means that you have to purchase the full product to be able to use it. However, you can still download and use the last released freeware version from Softpedia. iPadian 10.1 Full Version license code is designed to transform your Windows computer into a device that supports running apps specifically created for iOS. It provides an iPad simulator that aims to help you get accustomed to the look and feel of an iOS device.


  • there are none – its install prog puts shit on your PC you DON’T want
iPadian Full Version Activator

What will we find in this software?

Once you install this program, you’ll have access to the typical iOS interface with its Home and shortcut icons to the different apps. Those apps can’t be changed or removed. You can’t install any new ones, although some have been specially designed for this simulator. Furthermore, they don’t work 100% perfectly as they’re simply recreations that only offer us a few options. Don’t expect to have a fully functional iOS device because it doesn’t work like that. In exchange, you’ll be able to make use of a virtual recreation of the internal functioning of iOS which is quite faithful to reality although all the changes between different iOS versions haven’t been fully implemented on this simulator.

System Requirements for iPadian:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Windows All, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage: ipadian.net
  • Author iPadian
  • Last version 10.1

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  1. * Very poor marketing because so many people haven’t even heard of it & that’s a shame because they are missing out on a great product & the altruistic philosophy of FOSS

  2. Don’t bother activating this software if it gets bundled up with your embroidery machine, you will have a bad time and also loose money if you end up returning the machine. What you see on the screen is not the same with the output exported by this software. Stitching points are all messed up on export, thread angles have a mind of it’s own once exported, which will never make your design to be as professional as you like. Not even the premium version doesn’t have this issue fixed.

  3. This game is about getting shipwrecked on Pirate Island and finding the boat pieces and watching out for pirates.

  4. Only 1/3 of the links show in the links bar. Will not shut down after closing. Have to do cntrl-alt-delete to shut it down.

  5. So simple. After about 10 mins, I found the lost ppts and recovered it. Thanks to the company.

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