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If you’re not sure what kind of connection you have, you’ll have to seek outside assistance to figure it out, as the program doesn’t come with a Help file or any other documentation. We selected our connection type and clicked the Apply Optimization Settings button. The program asked us if we were sure, we confirmed, and then we were informed that we’d have to restart our computer for the changes to take effect. We did, and then ran our speed tests again. Both of them revealed that our download speed had increased by about 2MB per second, while our upload speed remained about the same. We found Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 Free Crack to be an incredibly simple way to increase our download speed by a significant amount. We can’t say exactly why it works, but it definitely does. Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 patch installs and uninstalls without issues. Download Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 Full Crack – Optimize Your Internet Connection

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Once you click on “Internet Settings”, Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 Full Version Registration Code prompts you to pick the type of your Internet connection, which can be anything from DSL or cable modem, wireless connection, dial up over fixed line, satellite or closed network. After that, it's enough to hit the “Apply Optimizations Settings” and let Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 full download do its magic. Although the application is so easy to use, beginners may get themselves in trouble when having to pick the type of network they're using, so it's mandatory to know this before optimizing the Internet connection. Truth is, Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 premium boasts a “Default Windows Settings” option to make sure rookies are on the safe side, but there's no help file available in the package.

While the theoretical maximum transfer speed of your Internet & Network Connection cannot be changed except by upgrading your hardware or Internet Subscription, Internet Cell Boost serial keys can effectively increase the performance of your existing configuration. By default Windows 2003/XP are configured to work with the general and average Internet & Network settings that used to accommodate the data rate capabilities of the communications technologies that existed at the time of Window’s design. Windows XP is almost 10 years old and nowadays data rate capabilities of Internet & Networks are far greater than they were a decade ago.


  • It support all types of internet connections
  • It enhances the performance of older operating systems
  • None
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • well i can tell a increise of speed when is simple to use.
Internet Cell Boost Full Version pre-Activated

There are six tools in the main window, as it follows: “Internet Settings”, “Advanced Settings”, “Local Area Network”, “Mozilla Firefox”, “Internet Explorer” and “Everything Automatically”. Another useful tool available in the program is the so-called “Monitor Network & Internet Connection” tool that opens a new screen showing download and upload graphs, along with a bunch of statistics. You can thus see current download and upload rates, average stats, best speeds, total bits downloaded and uploaded and overall bits transferred. While we didn't see any major speed boost after installing Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 Registration Code, we've received reports from users claiming that download speed has increased dramatically thanks to this app. All in all, Internet Cell Boost 3.0.0 full download is worth a try, that's for sure. It has a very pleasant interface and needs just a few clicks before optimizing the network connection.

System Requirements for Internet Cell Boost:

  • 300 MHz CPU Speed
  • 16 Megabytes of installed RAM
  • 20 Megabytes free hardisk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows 2003, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Reohix
  • Last version 3.0.0

Will it be advantageous to upgrade Internet Cell Boost 1.0?

Yes, it’s indicated to upgrade the application, because the newer version fixes many bugs and improves the software performances. You can check the full list of new features and improvements on the review page of the product.

What’s new in Internet Cell Boost?

Lite Edition has been phased out and replace by a Free Edition with the optional possibility to upgrade to Premium.
A completely redesigned intuitive graphic user interface has been implemented.
Revised MTU, MSS & RWIN adjustments to accommodate the latest data rate capabilities.
Added the ability to adjust the Bandwidth Reserved for Window's Quality Of Service (QoS).
Added the ability to optimize the Datagram Size.
Added the ability to optimize the Fast Copy Receive Threshold.
Time To Live has been adjusted to accommodate either 32, 64 or 128.
Added the ability to optimize Local Network Connections.
Mozilla Firefox optimized configurations has been revised to accommodate the latest specifications.
Added the ability to optimize 'nglayout.initialpaint.delay' for Mozilla Firefox.

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