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The menu designing process is a very simple job because the application comprises lots of templates and allows users to add their very own background music and pictures, an opening film and configure menu playback loop duration. ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 crack works like a charm on all Windows versions and doesn’t hamper system performance at all. The burning engine is fast and stable, with dedicated options to configure the CPU core number to be used.

ImTOO DVD Creator full download

All in all, ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 Full Version Free Download is a handy piece of software that does what it says with a great amount of customization options. Beginners and those more experienced can both use the program without any risk, with a comprehensive help manual always there to make sure they’re on the safe side all the time. ImTOO DVD Creator full setup is a program that allows users to burn different video files in order to create customized video DVDs. The video formats that it supports are AVI, MPEG, DivX, MKV, MP4, and WMV, as well as HD video formats, such as MKV, TS, MOV, MTS and M2TS. Also, by using this application, users are able to perform multiple tasks for a single conversion process, in order to personalize their projects.

ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 precracked is a powerful Windows tool designed to help you create DVDs using the videos stored on the local disks. Besides the fact that it lets you create new DVDs and burn the projects automatically, ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 keygen also comprises dedicated tools to design DVD menus, with easy to use features and lots of built-in templates. The interface is the one playing the key role, as it makes everything very intuitive and easy to use. It lets you add files to the project, with supported formats including all video extensions such as AVI, MPG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, MOV, MP4, VOB or ASF. Plus, it can work with both NTSC and PAL formats, while also being compatible with most burning devices on the market.


  • Edit menu for video clips
  • Easy to use
  • It may interfere with other programs that run simultaneously on your machine
  • Feature-rich interface
ImTOO DVD Creator registered

These simple, yet highly effective elements come together to make this program a handy and highly-configurable tool for quick DVD ripping. Finally, because of its various video-editing options, the application allows users to craft their own customized movie DVDs. Download ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 full version with crack – A DVD burner that provides many neat options like stamping, snapshot capturing, adding subtitles and effects such as shadow or oil painting A DVD burner that provides many neat options like stamping, snapshot capturing, adding subtitles and effects such as shadow or oil painting Convert and burn different video formats or create DVD folders and ISO images

System Requirements for ImTOO DVD Creator:

  • 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
  • 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
  • 80MB space for installation
  • Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
  • Recordable DVD drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author ImTOO Software Studio
  • Last version 7.1.3

What’s new in ImTOO DVD Creator?

Fix the inaccurate clipping ratio in 1440×1080 resolution, support minimize the window when burning DVD, easier to operate.

ImTOO DVD Creator 7.1.3 Build-20130709 full version patch

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  1. Installation monitor is supposed to end up in the System Notification area (Windows 7 64bit). Sometimes I have time monitor (?) on the taskbar. You have to open the application, kill the monitor, restart the application for the monitoring icon to appear in the correct place.

    The full scan could be faster, or done as a background process. Being right on the screen, and able to pop to the front is annoying. However, it DOES work!!

  2. It looks like they took a few old favorites and packaged them in a bunch of adware so that they can track your surfing. You can’t even play it without doing a bunch of silly stuff. These people should be ashamed of themselves for ruining such great old games, with a bunch of ripoff trash that just slows your computer down.

  3. I had to convert video files to DVD readable ones, thus a total failure no Video_TS and Audio_TS could be generated

  4. I was able to download 3 movies, but at least 1 was copied off a movie screen in another country.

  5. The Cnet downloader came with Webroot Secure Anywhere as an optional addition. I’ve used Webroot products and trust them, so I clicked “agree” to install it. Without asking permission, it made a full scan of my system, found 3 instances of malware and removed them. One it considered malware was the Cnet installer. Webroot then rebooted, scanned again, found 1 more malware, removed it, scanned again foun 6 more malwares 1/2 of which were those it had removed the first two times. It removed the file I’d come to Cnet to download, I feel it did this because the installer had an .exe.exe extension, often a sign of malware. After all this, scanning/rebooting 3 times, the software I wanted from Cnet had been removed! In the future I will seek elsewhere for my software downloads, I refuse to use until that irritating Installer is no longer a part of Cnet. worked quite well without that installer, and I won’t visit again until Cnet ceases to use it.

  6. I typically trust a brand name like Norton to deliver solid software but installing and using Ghost was nearly a nightmare. I got blue screens when I first tried to use it and a scrambled registry when I tried to uninstall it. I use Dantz at work but find the interface counterintuitive and difficult to understand. Acronis delivers a superior back up utility program. Period!

  7. ABC Navigator is an excellent program. Unfortunately there are no help files or user manuals to be found. Most of it is intuitive, but some of the more useful functions are frustratingly elusive.

  8. you need to add more color mixes, scripts and other extra’s really use this program to the fullest extent

  9. — How can an incremental backup of less than a weeks work take more than EIGHT HOURS!? Every week.
    –The one time I tried to use it to recover lost data, it didn’t work at all.
    — When the backup is running it sucks up 100% of your CPU resources, even on the lowest priority setting.
    — You can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s running.

  10. Don’t use it by itself detection rates by itself isn’t impressive.
    25 dollars per year when their antivirus(their tuneup, malwarefighter and bitdefender combined) is 20 dollars per year?

  11. The graphics are good but I expected a bit more. My favorite download from Cnet is Albatross18, and this looks a bit like a bad rip-off of that game. But for a bowling game, it’s quite imaginative, so I don’t have too much negative comments about this game.

  12. I compared identical downloads with BitComet and sadly BitTorrent fell way behind using identical PC’s and servers at the same time. It was about 50% slower. It also did not have some of the goodies like BitComet. Still, far better than most others.

  13. Your Agent remains available on your desktop and is always visible. There is only a single menu system, which can be accessed by a simple right-mouse-click. This simple interface provides a unique functionality that everyone, spanning from children to savvy businessmen, will benefit from.

  14. Many user controls, such as “Stop,” do not work. I finally disabled Flash in Internet Explorer (except on a trusted exceptions-only basis) due to unwanted media starting to play on Web pages, and said media not even responding to the Stop icon.

    Also, right-clicking on “Settings” did not indicate the source of the media–in other words, Flash allows other Web domains to operate in your browser without any means of identifying them. It is therefore no surprise that Flash player is a suspected vehicle for malware.

    There is also the issue of parental controls for families with children. If parents cannot identify the source of unwanted media, they cannot add it to a ban list (e.g. via the Hosts file). The same goes for IT departments that enforce corporate computer usage policies, e.g. if unsuitable content appears on a page that is otherwise acceptable.

  15. I am looking for client write-up software. Still using ACE last supported in 2001. It has been the best, and I am still using, but I will have to change at some point.

  16. Everything was great and it’s 100% free as it promises, you have all features. The thing I dislike is if you want to double everything and start more than one server you do have to purchase it. Normal companies even big ones have only one server. It’s a very small dislike.

  17. I am so sick and tired of hearing the PDF creation scam!
    All this program does is CONVERT a document into a PDF using the print command.
    A true PDF CREATOR is a program where you can write the text, insert bookmarks, headers, footers, page numbers, security, etc, and then save that document as a COMPLETE PDF.
    Programs which “create” PDFs using the print command only create an IMAGE of a document, but not a true full featured PDF.

  18. Thank you for the report, the Software Informer in-built antivirus check also detected that the program is unsafe for using. The Download link was removed from this page.

  19. Dealbook 360 is by far the best trading platform ever!!!! I love it. Its accuracy and tools and all of its many features are so awesome.

  20. Why do they offer a trial that does not do any of the things it is supposed to do? As far as I know, this software does not work at all. I will never give them my money, and I am uninstalling this worthless “trial” version right now. They could have given me a screenie of the product in action – at least I wouldn’t have wasted my time downloading.

  21. I’m not sure if this is a “con” or not: after extending C:, I pulled up the Windows disk manager and saw several partitions, two of which had a tb of space. YES, “terabytes” (on a 250gb drive). I restarted the machine and it wouldn’t reboot (stay with me). I inserted my W7 install disk and was told “I can’t fix this for you.” I rebooted a second time and got “start normally”, which worked. I then took the install disk out, rebooted again, without issue. I looked at the Windows disk manager and all was perfect. C: is restored and there’s no trace of the dual OS configuration.

  22. this program is for anyone who uses flash or is interested in using and learning it, if you just want to mess about and are not interested in learning about it then theres no point at all downloading it.

  23. As with all programs that modify the registry, there is always a chance to render your computer unable to boot.

  24. Also, while installing a program, please be more careful to untick unwanted and adware components that this program may offer you to set up.

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