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You cannot execute an individual test, but you can save group test results in text files. This feature-rich and highly configurable application would be especially useful for administrators or power users who need to thoroughly test and track a system’s performance. Your computer’s stability depends on the well-functioning of its hardware components, as much as the reliability of the installed software solutions. In order to test the system health, a specialized overclocking application is required and Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4.1 preactivated can lend you a helping hand on this matter.

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Applying maximum pressure for accurate results

The burn-in tests are designed to overload the CPU or the memory without affecting the other components, in order to test their capabilities and assess their performance. In both cases, you can specify the number of threads to be used.

Save results to file or print them out

With the help of the benchmarking tests, Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4.1 serial code can evaluate the overall system performance by utilizing the SSE, SSE2, MMX and 3DNow! instruction sets. The result can be printed or saved locally for comparison purposes.

The program puts your hardware components through extreme paces to test their reliability and stability. The System Info reports include details about the processor, CPU string, clock speed, and physical and virtual memory. It capably performs burn-in, benchmarking, and numerous diagnostics, including Complete Matrix, Sorting Algorithms, and Prime Test, but some trials are not available in this Lite version.


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Putting all hardware components to the test

This application can be used for running stress-tests on practically every hardware component, including the CPU, the memory (including cache), the chipset along with the motherboard, the system bus and the connected hard drives.

Long, thorough system analysis

Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4.1 For Windows Download comes with a set of tests that can be run on your system in order to check its health. Performing a complete diagnostics test takes about 6 hours, but the results are meant to tell you whether the hardware is in good shape or help you decide what component should be soon replaced. The application is fully compatible with the x64 instruction set and provides support for multi-processor configurations, dual-core and multi-threaded CPUs.

System Requirements for Hot CPU Tester Pro:

What’s new in Hot CPU Tester Pro?

Improved support for Windows Vista
Improved support for the newer Intel processrs:
Intel Xeon (Codename: Penryn)
Intel Core 2 Extreme (Codename: Yorkfield)
Intel Core 2 Quad (Codename: Yorkfield)
Intel Core 2 Duo (Codename: Wolfdale)
Improved support for the following AMD? processrs:
Atlon 64 X2(Codename: Windsor)
Atlon 64 FX (Codename: Windsor)
Atlon 64 (Codename: Orleans)
Sempron (Codename: Manila)
Improved Hard Disk module test to detect SATA controller problems faster now
Fixed a bug that caused memory burn-in to crash
Due to 32bit limitations amount of memory to be tested is set below 4GB only
Small cosmetic changes
Updated DefectTrack engine(V2.2.0) for the new generation of processors

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  1. w32.dropper is found within install, this guy also become greedy and is wanting money for his crapped infected program.

  2. Some DVD’s it seemed to take longer than real time to convert. Every once and a while if you want to get some of the non-main features like deleted scenes, it gets confusing to figure out which files to convert.

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  4. I can’t get this version to install. The installer runs to 99.9% then quits with no error information. A search of the web and the Adobe support forum show that many other people are having the same problem. Adobe has offered no troubleshooting suggestions.

  5. Although it will do a backup, be forewarned that it will NOT back up your Autotext if you had an older version of the OS).
    Also, it will not sync with Outlook at all, which is pretty frustrating since I use my Outlook contacts and calendars at my desk, and now I have to enter everything twice.

  6. Bad viewing angle for main board. Larger graphic of selected piece flickers badly and cannot be seen well. Limited options.

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