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Learn Hindi by typing it and speaking it Download HindiPad 1.2 keys – This compact application aims to help you create documents by providing you with a full-features hHndi typing and word processing tool HindiPad 1.2 full version crack makes Hindi typing and wordprocessing easy thanks to its unique layout HindiPad 1.2 Full Version Full Crack is a full-featured Hindi word processor that makes Hindi typing and word-processing easy thanks to its unique type as you speak layout that allows you to type Hindi the same way you pronounce it. Includes over 300 Hindi fonts. Amazing typing layout provides unmatched ease. No need to remember complex combinations or ALT key combos, just type as you pronounce. Type Hindustani to write Hindustani in Hindi.

HindiPad serials

This compact application aims to help you create documents by providing you with a full-features hHndi typing and word processing tool For those unfamiliar with Hindi, this type-as-you-speak word processing system will allow you to produce documents in Hindi with ease. It contains over 300 Hindi fonts to choose from, and is compatible with all popular word processors. What makes is unique is that there are no complicated key combinations to remember. Its simplicity is its best feature.

The main advantage of the application is the familiar interface that allows you to easily access all the commands required to format your text. In fact, the toolbar and menu layout resembles Microsoft Word and LibreOffice applications which reduces the learning time to minimum. In the main toolbar you have the possibility to switch between English and Hindi fonts in order to combine both Latin and Devanagari characters in your document. The program supports keyboard shortcuts and most of the Office key combinations can be used when formatting your text.


  • Makes it easy to type in Hindi
  • Features hundreds of different fonts
  • Only for Hindi speakers

The rich text format allows you to insert tables and other elements in your documents. Thus, the application enables you to add Excel worksheets, images and presentations with minimum effort. An useful feature is the ability to search for a certain English word in the HindiPad 1.2 full version with keygen download free dictionary which can help the users who do not master the language. The word can easily be copied to the clipboard and inserted in your document. Overall, HindiPad with serial keys is a practical tool that allows you to create text documents in Hindi and use them with other applications such as text editors or email clients.

System Requirements for HindiPad:

  • Homepage: www.itbix.com
  • Author Public Software Library India Pvt Ltd
  • Last version 1.2

Is it possible to download a trial version of HindiPad software?

Yes, you can download and install a trial version of HindiPad from Public Software Library India Pvt Ltd official web page. Click on Download trial button near the Hindi Pad icon and install the file into your computer. The trial version is available only for 30 days.

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