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HD Tune Full Version serial code

HD Tune Full Crack is a hard disk / SSD utility with many functions. It can be used to measure the drive's performance, scan for errors, check the health status (S.M.A.R.T.), securely erase all data and more! HD Tune full is a Hard Disk utility which has the functions: Measures the performance, shows detailed information, checks the health status by using SMART, scans the surface for errors and Temperature display. HD Tune full setup is one of those utilities that, despite being rather dull, can end up being very practical. It is a program that by means of a set of simple steps will allow us to know if our hard drives, no matter if they are internal, external or extractable, are in good shape and work properly.

HD Tune For Pc Free Download

Check out your hard drives

Once the program starts, this curious diagnostic tool will show the temperature of the unit that we have previously selected. After that, we will have to click on “Start” for the application to start carrying out the corresponding tests, after which we will be able to see the average transfer speed rate, SMART indicators and the possible errors that may have appeared. The interface is very simple, in such a way that no user should find any problems when using this tool. The data will be shown by means of a series of windows that we will be able to access by means of tabs. If you are looking for an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for your hard drives, try HD Tune 2.55 Full Version Activation Key as soon as possible.

Scans and detects damaged blocks

This application is able to conduct a benchmark to show you the minimum, the average and the maximum transfer rates, alongside burst rate and access time. Another ability of HD Tune 2.55 keygen is the error scan it can conduct in order to show you if there are any damaged blocks. Probably the most impressive thing is that the application runs very smoothly, so you can easily start a benchmark while continuing to work without being bothered by the ongoing process.


  • It´s fast, easy and accurate
  • It points out the problems, but doesn´t fix them
  • Great program!
  • This program has help me find the problem on two computers. One would reboot occasionally by its self and one that work fne until you rebooted. Both were heat related problems.
  • Great hard drive tester. I really enjoy using it. I recommend this product to anyone!
  • Does its thing.
HD Tune activated

Gain access to detailed info on your hard disk drive

The 'Info' tab of HD Tune 2.55 with keygen displays all the features supported by your hard drive as well as some partition information. You can even view the firmware version, serial number and buffer capacity for your HDD

In conclusion

Overall, HD Tune 2.55 free remains a great piece of software, especially for beginners who simply need a means of quickly evaluating the performance of their hard disks. Thanks to the great ease of use and good feature pack this application definitely deserves a spot high on the recommendations list.

System Requirements for HD Tune:

What’s new in HD Tune?

Added option to change block size
Improved compatibility with Vista
Fixed problems with Fahrenheit temperature display
Added new S.M.A.R.T descriptions
Fixed: resource leak could cause a crash
Fixed: display problems with certain DPI settings

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6 Comments on “HD Tune 2.55 patched”

  1. I have to download each update and install it, as installed version number is always shown as — regardless of the update number. I can’t tell if the program is updated or not.

  2. But after this, you’re going to find yourself closing a pop-up window every 5 minutes because the programm identifies almost every activity in the registry as some kind of bug to fix! It’s annoying.

  3. Not enough users are commenting on it to date to bring out its true worth. I tried it, and found it to be worth while for its personal touch.

  4. deffraging ssd -.-

    bad support when missing drivers (also got the driver booster pack from them)

    spam apps in my browsers.. hard to get rid off as the programs reinstall it all the time.

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