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A screenshot software application that captures rectangular areas, active windows or the entire screen and provides a timer and a simple editor HardCopy Pro 4.8 Full Version serial code is a well built tool, which covers all the basic needs and requirements of most users. It supports five of the top major file formats, and it has some basic image manipulation tools. Overall, if you are looking for basic screen capture utility that is lightweight and easy to use, HardCopyPro is worth trying.

  • Captures rectangular areas, whole windows, the active window or the entire screen.
  • Simple editing and drawing functions.
  • Mouse cursor can be captured.
  • Images can be saved, copied, edited, printed, and emailed.
  • Supported file formats include .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF.
  • Auto capture support.
  • Windows 10 support!

HardCopy Pro with crack

This program is quite limited if you ask me. For starters, it doesn't provide you with an option to automatically save any taken snapshot. Furthermore, you cannot define one global hotkey per screen capture mode (entire window, fullscreen, etc.). Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on this application. You can easily find better and cheaper solutions for taking screenshots on your Windows PC that provide you with extra editing options, the ability to define more global hotkeys, and an option to automatically save any taken snapshot.

The screenshots can be saved to disk to various file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Alternatively, they can be sent to a destination on the computer, including a user-defined image editor. It’s also possible to send the screenshots to the printer. All in all, HardCopy Pro Full Version Activation Key is a useful tool that is fun to work with. less experienced users shouldn’t have any issues while installing or handling this utility, thanks to its intuitive interface and overall simplicity.


  • You can find cheaper solutions
  • Unable to define global hotkeys for every type of screenshot
  • Lacks an option to automatically save any taken screenshot
  • Supports various image formats
  • Allows you to edit snapshots
HardCopy Pro activator

Taking a screenshot with the help of the traditional methods, such as pressing the PrintScreen button and pasting the image into an editor can take quite some time. HardCopy Pro 4.8 activated is a nice tool that can considerably ease your work. The app has a compact interface and an intuitive layout, which makes it easy to figure out. The program can capture rectangular screen areas and entire windows. It’s also possible to capture the active window or the full screen. A timer may be set for the program and it can capture a new image every few minutes. Once a new picture has been grabbed, the app can save it directly or let you preview it in the main frame. The images may be cropped and highlight areas can be defined.

System Requirements for HardCopy Pro:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.desksoft.com
  • Author DeskSoft
  • Last version 4.8

What’s new in HardCopy Pro?

Fix: issue with saving options when system shuts down
Fix: issue when programs change the display resolution
Fix: rare issue with internal uncompression routine
New: improved setup and uninstall programs
New: updated end user license agreement in setup
Fix: various small changes and fixes
Fix: saving options and configuration sometimes failed
Fix: improved format of setup program
Fix: removed statically linked Microsoft runtime libraries, because they were incorrectly detected as a virus by Windows Defender and other virus scanners (Windows Defender detects Microsoft standard libraries as a virus – that shows how bad quality Microsoft's own malware detection is…)

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  1. Has major glitches in the software which interfere with overall performance. Tech support is non-existant. There is no physical contact info, or phone number — only an e-mail address, which provides no response. Do not purchase this product!

  2. I bought v. 10 a week after it went on sale. Acronis sent me v.9 – it took beaucoup letters and a month to get the proper version. I used it a few times with many hassles on recovery – it SAVES fine – it just can’t fetch. Now v.10 with updates and all can’t recognize that it’s on a hard disk – so will not install any of the carefully saved images. Maybe I can make mouse doillies from them.

  3. ‘Spirit of old console games’ my foot. This pukeorama doesn’t even deserve to be called a game. The controls are sluggish and laggy. The levels are boring as hell. The game mechanics are so primitive that even endless Atari 2600 clones seem more innovative. Your character gets stuck in walls. Your character gets stuck in floors. No settings. The game screen is always maximised. Installs a lot of rubbish (thankfully, you can decline that). And oh those graphics.

  4. poor layout, not intuitive. often received erroneous reads on my backups, saying they are invalid when they are not. Problematic. Poor customer support.

  5. I was completely helpless when the blue screen of death started haunting my PC all of a sudden. I was in no mood to haul all over the city to get my PC fixed. I discussed this issue with one of my friends and he asked me to contact iYogi for online technical assistance. I called up iYogi and explained my problem to their tech expert. He diagnosed and fixed the error through remote assistance and also installed a Support Dock on my PC to detect and thwart away future technical glitches. Since then, I’m quite relieved. Thank you, iYogi!

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