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Download Google Maps Images Downloader 4.322 precracked – Simple-to-configure program that helps you download Google maps, combine the small tiles into a larger image, as well as grab just a single photo Google Maps Images Downloader 4.322 serials is a very small and useful tool for downloading in an automatic manner the Google Maps tile images from the Google satellite pictures. The downloaded tile images can be combined to form a big map. The application supports multithread connection to speed up the download process. The downloaded images are saved into the user disk drive at a selected folder.

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Configuration settings

The “Options” menu allows you to set up the application to work with a proxy server, choose the file naming format, and define some default settings such as zoom level, threads count and path to save the files.

Testing its performance

It's no surprise that Google Maps Images Downloader pre-Activated Free Download runs on low computer resources and should be able to run just fine provided that it's connected to the Internet in order to download data.

Bottom line

As a conclusion, Google Maps Images Downloader 4.322 pin is a handy software solution that serves its purpose quick and easy. Simple-to-configure program that helps you download Google maps, combine the small tiles into a larger image, as well as grab just a single photo

This program operates as Google Maps does, starting with the latitudes and longitudes (4 coordinates total) to define the desired region to be downloaded. Then the zoom level has to be set and, automatically, the program will start downloading all the corresponding map images and saving them at a defined folder. With any picture tool, the downloaded tile images can be reunited to obtain the main map. The application includes a built-in images viewer and also an image combiner to create complete maps from the downloaded Google tile images. Also, it comes with a useful converter for coordinates representation, decimal degrees numbres to grades, minutes and seconds.


  • Trial version doesn’t go any further than level 13
  • Very small and powerful application
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A tool that helps you to get small tile map images from Google Maps Google Maps Images Downloader Free Download Activator is a very simple software solution that can automatically download Google Maps and create large images that can be stored on the computer. Basically, the program downloads small tile images based on the coordinates you provide and then combines them into a single and larger photo.

Easy-to-trigger download tasks

The interface, which otherwise is pretty easy to use, prompts the user to provide left and right longitude, as well as top and bottom latitude, but also to define zoom level and thread count. Just pick the path to save and you're ready to go.

System Requirements for Google Maps Images Downloader:

What’s new in Google Maps Images Downloader?

removed some bugs

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  2. The logical sequence of steps necessary to do what I needed is not clear. All the tools are there but the HELP was not clear. Probably spent too many hours repeating processes but eventually got it all recovered. Still an amazing product.

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