Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 8.232 Full Version Serial Key

Google Hybrid Maps Downloader Full Version Full Crack

Performance-wise, Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 8.232 full download does what it says it does. It works very well for downloading maps. The only problem I find with it, and with all the other countless applications that share this design, is that it is incredibly unintuitive to use. You have to manually input the latitude and longitude of the area that you want to download, which entails some research. There is a map viewer that allows you to view the maps that you download, which are all saved into a project file that you can keep on adding maps to. You can export those maps to image files from the Combine Images menu. I could pan around quite easily using the image viewer, but I couldn't figure out how to zoom in or out, after downloading a few different zoom levels.

Google Hybrid Maps Downloader with serial keys

In order to start the download process, just a few options must be configured. Specifying the exact coordinates of the target area is one of the tasks and you can set the left and right longitude, as well as the top and bottom latitude for the tile you are about to extract. Additionally, the project can be saved locally for later reference and the download location can be easily selected. Once the 'Download' button is pressed, the application analyzes and retrieves the number of images, while also enabling you to monitor the download progress.

When the program finishes grabbing the desired tiles, you can proceed to joining all the tiles together and generating the map. The output can be saved in BMP format only. The Hybrid Maps Viewer offers you the possibility to take a look at the final map, displayed just as you would see it using Google's dedicated service. Maps can be easily viewed and new places can be explored on street level using Google Maps or other similar online service. However, if you are going on a trip and want to have a detailed map of an area printed, the old-fashioned way, on paper, then Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 8.232 full version with crack and keygen can help you make that possible. Download Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 8.232 For Windows Download – Downloads satellite images from Google Maps and enables you to join them together in order to create your own, offline map in BMP format Downloads satellite images from Google Maps and enables you to join them together in order to create your own, offline map in BMP format It helps you to get small tile hybrid map images from Google Maps


  • Not intuitive when it comes to selecting the download area
  • It works well
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader setup

Google Hybrid Maps Downloader For Windows 10 Download is a map downloading tool. It connects to Google Maps and downloads maps from the service into your computer. It can then save those maps to BMP images that you can use in other applications or for navigation purposes without an Internet connection. released several map downloaders, and the only difference between them is the type of maps that they can download. As this app's name suggests, it can download Hybrid Maps. These are a mixture of regular satellite maps and terrain maps. They have routes and street names, city names, and other features on them, but they also show the overlay of the terrain.

System Requirements for Google Hybrid Maps Downloader:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author AllAllSoft
  • Last version 8.232

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  2. I don”t like the new Windows8 type layout. I prefer the older layout. We should be able to choose which one we want to use. Many other programs allow selecting this.

  3. My main concern is that the user interface is black on dark grey. This makes it very difficult to see what options you have selected or even some of the option names.
    I also find the Organizer tool is more for novices than for people with tens of thousands of images that need to be worked on daily.

  4. i have no found any cons, except the red circle with the S is a bit not thought out, it looks a bit thrown together. I would have liked to see something a bit more “than a silly red circle.”

  5. Automatic or manual updates are always failing, I have to contact the website who sends me various links who do not work until finally one does. So much for automatic updating and ease of use, wasting a lot of time and I paid full price for it!!

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