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GonVisor with serial keys

eBooks are the future of books. While we await the arrival of a reader affordable for all of us, every day there are more users that decide to read them on their computer screens.

Powerful PDF viewer

When we start off in the eBook and eComic world, we found out that there are many different formats based on images that we can’t open with traditional PDF readers. We can do so with an image viewer or editor, but if we want to enjoy a pleasant reading experience we need something else. This is exactly what GonVisor Full Version Serial Key has to offer, a comic, magazine and eBook reader, suitable for all sorts of images, with a recreation that allows us to browse the image files as if we were turning pages of a book.

GonVisor Full Version license code

GonVisor 2.55 license Key is an application that lets you view image files and documents. It supports JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, BMPs, PDFs and other formats. Installing this program shouldn't be very difficult. Just keep in mind that GonVisor 2.55.01 full offers to download and install some third-party components that it doesn't need in order to work properly, as well as to make some changes to your web browsers. However, the biggest problem of the software is that it requires you to separately install third-party components to fully function (for example, if you want to read PDFs), and you are not guided in any way, from this point of view. Otherwise, we recommend GonVisor 2.55.01 full setup to all users.

The interface of the tool is plain and simple. You can import a file by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method. So, you can open an image, a list or a folder with images, open folders recursively, open images from a PDF document, create CBRs or CBZs with images loaded, extract images from a folder, and more. Furthermore, you can go to the next or previous image, enable an automatic slideshow, switch to full screen mode, view image previews and enable double-page view. Additionally, you can zoom in and out, use a magnifier, automatically improve colors, set the image transition, rotate the picture, as well as fit its width and height. Moreover, you can change the interface language, main screen style and backcolor, manage the control bar, use keyboard shortcuts, configure the mouse buttons, set file associations, and others. The program takes up a very low amount of system resources and didn't cause us any issues during our tests. Although there is no help file available, GonVisor 2.55.01 Activation Key can be easily used, even by beginners.


  • Multipurpose operation and great features
  • Groups the pictures in only one file
  • Fast.Small disk size.It opens CBR, CBZ and PDF files with some special features as image enhancement, double page and transition effects (power point style).
  • None that I can remember.
  • I deleted this right away after I found it didn’t help me, so it’s hard to remember the features, but if I recall, I don’t think this program allowed me to flip pages by arrow. I just wanted something that could do that one simple thing so I could read manga easily, and this didn’t do it.
  • Small and fast.Settings to improve the image.Some funny transition images.
  • GUI not very attractive
  • Interface is a bit simple
  • Its image enhancement is limited, it is not a photoshop.
GonVisor full version with keygen download

GonVisor 2.55 Full Version serial code is a comic reader for PC. It is a multiple-format viewer for Windows systems which supports pictures, comics, manga, magazines and books in electronic format. It is designed for comfortable viewing of image sequences and to easily create, open and manage files as cbr, cbz, cba, cb7, zip, rar, ace or 7zip. GonVisor 2.55.01 serial code allows you to join in one unique file an unlimited number of images as an album.

System Requirements for GonVisor:

What’s new in GonVisor?

Fixed full screen crash for windows 10 in tablet mode.
Improved again stability with large files in old windows versions or 32bit.
Minor fixes in some dialogs.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Refresh automatically loaded single images when files are modified.
Support cbt files using 7zip.exe
Changed strange behaviour with large images, aspect ratio was not preserved.
Improved stability with large files in old windows versions.
Rar.exe and 7zip.exe is searched in default installation paths before asking to user.
Adapt shortkeys custom dialog for little screen resolutions.
Read *webp images (single images and images inside cb* files).
Extract images and create cbr/cbz files converting to .webp format.
Improved performace of colour improvement with smooth and normalization activated.

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  1. Have to say “no thanks” to upgrading to pro everytime you use it, but that’s so very trivial – it’s free! So really, no complaints at all.

  2. I advise users to read the Cnet article and comments about what the makers of Malwarebytes wear accused of doing. No way do I want this company putting software on my computer, free or not. Check out the link above in the description.

  3. Limitation in the use of some facilities in this free edition – for example, the automatic update.

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