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To be able to create backupS of a CD-ROM or DVD it’s necessary to create a disc image, but these images require a special program to be able to read them. One of the best programs available in this category is gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 with keygen .

Access any disc image

One of the first things that’s worth highlighting about gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 full version patch is the vast amount of different disc image formats that it allows us to read. Some of these formats are:

gBurner Virtual Drive full version with crack and keygen

Create an mount images of CDs and DVDs on virtual drives gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 full version patch can help you mount disc images and access their contents just as you would read a disc from a physical reader. Luckily, the tool supports creating up to 16 simultaneous drives, which is more than enough for most users. It supports an impressive list of image formats, including ISO, GBI, GBP, DAA, BIN, CUR, MDF, ASHDIDSC, BWI, NRG, NCD, to mention but a few. You can set the program to start along with the system and hide in the system tray. This way, and because it has a minimum footprint on system resources, you will hardly notice it is there. A straightforward menu accessible via right-click lets you mount or unmount drives. Besides, you use its configuration window to set the number of drives and assign letters to them.

All in all, gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 Full Version Activator does not have as many features as other similar tools. For instance, it cannot help you create your own disc images, burn existing ones to discs or mount archives to a virtual drive. However, the tool is much simpler to use and supports more image formats than most programs of its kind. It is absolutely free to use but you should know that a program like this one can be unnecessary if you are using a recent Windows version, as it is allowed to mount images without the need of a third-party product.


  • Almost no footprint on system resources
  • Supports creating up to 16 virtual drives
  • Not as many features as other similar tools
  • Compatible with a long list of image formats
  • May be not necessary if you are using a recent Windows version
gBurner Virtual Drive full version with keygen download

gBurner Virtual Drive full version with crack and keygen will allow you to mount virtual images on your computer. Download gBurner Virtual Drive premium to be able to access your disc images Similar to Daemon Tools, gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 keygen is a lightweight software tool that specializes in the creation and management of virtual CD and DVD drives. It addresses all types of users, regardless of their skill level.

Unobtrusive running mode

Once installed, you can access gBurner Virtual Drive 4.9 license code's features by right clicking on its icon from the system tray. Mounting and mounting options can be handled from the system tray, and you may also open up a configuration panel.

System Requirements for gBurner Virtual Drive:

What’s new in gBurner Virtual Drive?

Some minor bug fixes and improvements.
Supports creating Audio CD from m4a files.
Supports Rockridge extension.
Supports Windows 10 operating system
Some minor bug fixes and improvements
Improves nrg file support.
Can open Blu-ray 3D ISO file.

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