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Funny Voice 1.4 full version free is an entertaining tool to modify the tone of your voice. Modify and alternate the inbound sound of your PC by downloading Funny Voice 1.4 free for free Playing with our voice is one of the most entertaining things that can be done and Funny Voice For Pc Free Download is a program that will allow us to do so. This software modifies the microphone input by modulating the sound and changing the pitch values so as to make the voice sounds deep or high-pitched.

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Funny Voice 1.4 activated changes the pitch of your voice. Higher pitch will let you sound like a smurf, less pitch will give you a deep voice. All you need is a microphone. Instead of your microphone, plug in the sound output of your tv card or your audio system and listen. Download Funny Voice 1.4 For Windows 10 Download – Tweak the pitch of your voice over the microphone using this feather-light, portable, simple-to-use and fun software application

A computerized version of a toy available in every Toys ‘R’ Us, this download changes the pitch of people’s voices as they talk into a microphone. This is hardly an ambitious task, but even so, we weren’t particularly impressed with the results. The voice distortion seemed unnecessarily high pitched, and the software’s interface somewhat amateurish. However, we did appreciate the small size of the program, and the fact that it doesn’t require a full installation. It can certainly produce a few minutes of fun, but anyone seeking a pitch-shifting application for music, recording, or other serious purposes should look for a more powerful audio tool. Funny Voice full setup free download. Get the latest version now. "Funny Voice 1.4 registered" changes the pitch of your voice. Tweak the pitch of your voice over the microphone using this feather-light, portable, simple-to-use and fun software application Funny Voice Full Version Activator is a program with which we can change our voice. This app works on Windows and is free.


  • Uses few system resources
  • Easy installation
  • Unsophisticated interface
  • Low quality voice distortion
  • Limited usefulness
  • its free and the features r good u can record voice also ! those who say its terrible r weird
Funny Voice full download

Funny Voice 1.4 Full Crack is a great and fun tool for recording your voice and changing it into funny ways. It is very user friendly and easy to use. You can sound like a chipmunk, an alien or a robot. The pitch of the voice can be changed according to your liking; a higher pitch may end up making you sound like a smurf, while a lower pitch may give you a deeper voice. Every Funny Voice with crack effect can be modified; a variety of sounds can be manipulated at different speeds and pitches for hours of fun. It can change soulless sounds into funny audio notes and give you hours of fun and entertainment. A microphone is all you require to make use of this application.

System Requirements for Funny Voice:

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  1. You have so many download buttons for the advertisements that I don’t know what button starts the download for the software that I was looking for. You need to mark the download buttons better.

  2. It did not detect my CD drive. Seems to me that is a must if your trying to rip a CD. It is a waste of time to download this useless piece of trash software.

  3. I received an email stating that I would receive a registration code within 12 hours. Over a week later, no code was sent and the company refuses to answer emails. Don’t fall for the scam, just download the free version and install as required.

  4. The free edition doesn’t have auto-updating or scheduled scanning, but it does have real-time protection, which is a huge plus.

  5. The software has everything from defragmenter, system startup manager which lets you decide which programs will start, registry cleaner and history and junk cleaner. So basically it has everything you need. The ones who like simple design will enjoy.

  6. Shareware. Was too crippled to allow a decent test. I felt alienated almost from the beginning. It was on my PC less than 30 mins.

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