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Free Photo Viewer full version free

View photos with this free light-weight photo viewer. Fast thumbnail-generating engine allows you to manage and browse your photos faster and easier. Organize and watch slideshows. View RAW files. The EXIF shooting parameters (exposure, aperture, ISO, etc.) are displayed on the screen as subtitles. The program has settings for optimizing its performance for working faster on slow CPUs. Thus, you can display and browse JPEG and RAW photos faster on laptops, netbooks, and old computers! View IPTC and EXIF tags. The program supports widescreen monitors and TV.

Free Photo Viewer patch

Free Photo Viewer 1.3 full version free does exactly what its name suggests. However, it also allows you to organize your photo collection and displays it as a slideshow. Besides, you can use this software to perform basic editing operations. The most important thing to consider when evaluating a program of this type is how many formats it supports. Luckily, Free Photo Viewer free download can display virtually any picture format currently used, including RAW – the source format used by most cameras. A second aspect to consider is how fast an application can process an image so that there is no excessive waiting time. Fortunately again, the tool is quite fast at doing this, and it even allows making some adjustments so that this is not affected when you’re using a low-performance computer. Besides displaying images, the program also lets you inspect such metadata as a date and size as well as the EXIF info. Moreover, it lets you rotate images and adjust color, contrast and brightness.

Download Free Photo Viewer 1.3 setup – Minimalistic application that provides users with a simple means of viewing images and their metadata, adjust a few settings and create slideshows Free Photo Viewer 1.3 Full Version Activator is a software solution with a pretty self-explanatory title – it allows you to easily view image files from and on your computer. The tool can be used by all individuals, whether they are novices or experienced.

Clean environment and quick setup

The installation process does not last very long and does not pose any kind of problems, such as changing web browser settings or downloading products you do not actually need. The interface of the application is clean and easy to navigate through, as it only consist of a menu bar, a few buttons, a folder structure and a few panes in which to preview images and display metadata. As a result, both power users and beginners can learn how to handle it with ease.


  • It doesn´t support as many features as other similar tools
  • The help documentation is poor
  • It is very easy to use
  • It allows viewing pictures as a slideshow
  • It is light and free
  • It supports multiple picture formats
  • It has an unimaginative interface
  • Not enough use for comment
  • Clearly a good layout.
  • You can view photos with it and they look like they should. It’s free.
  • Look, it’s an image viewer. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t need to be. It exists to look at images. For that purpose, it works fine. Normally, I’d use Windows Photo Viewer, but that program has not been good since Windows XP. In Windows XP, Windows Photo Viewer worked as it should. However, in Vista, they messed it up. The version of Windows Photo Viewer that comes with Vista and Windows 7 distorts the colors of images. It also brightens them some. It’s not a good program for viewing images as they are intended to be seen. AS an artist, I have to see stuff as it’s intended to be seen, not however Windows feels like displaying it. So, I installed this program because it’s free and it works. I can view images as they are intended to be seen with it, with their proper color and brightness.
  • ————
  • It i so beautiful beautiful item in this software Zooming in on photos makes them MORE pixelated than zooming in on the SAME PHOTO in Windows Photo Viewer. As another like KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro program .it that is update.
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Options you can access and tweak

This software utility enables you to view pictures in a full screen mode, zoom in and out, as well as convert images to others formats (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA), and save EXIF and IPTC tags. Furthermore, you can view file properties, access Explorer, change the viewing mode (e.g. large icons, list, details), rotate and resize photos, adjust image brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation and color balance. Additionally, you can create a slideshow, use a search function according to the images' EXIF information, hide the mouse cursor in full screen mode, set file associations, use keyboard shortcuts, and more.

System Requirements for Free Photo Viewer:

Will Photo Viewer access photos on external drives? I have a Seagate Slim Portable drive on which I store my photos in dates and location based folders. Will I be able to view them?

Yes. You can use the file explorer from the left side of the program’s window to navigate to the location of your photos from the external drive. When you click on a folder on the left side, the content of it is displayed in the right window. For more information, check the Help menu.

What’s new in Free Photo Viewer?

Fixed a lot of bugs.
Added the RAW file support for new digital cameras.
Added support for wide screen monitors and TV. Now you can watch photos on 100% area of the screen.
Added the image scrolling using the right mouse button.
Reorganized the program settings for the built-in RAW convertor.
Added new help file topics.
Added RAW file support for new digital cameras. Added color enhancing and changing image brightness, contrast, gamma. Added saving images to the BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TGA formats. Added image resizing (resampling).

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31 Comments on “Free Photo Viewer 1.3 full download”

  1. Only supports one host. Looks like this free version X1 is to get you to buy their X2 version that supports multiple hosts.

  2. It’s Bloated: Each year more useless rubbish is added just to keep the Marketing Department happy.

    It’s Slow: It brings my 6 month old Intel i5 laptop with 8GB RAM to a crawl. You should not need to use the very latest top-end hardware just to be able to back up your files.

    It’s Invasive. It hooks into the operating system in all sorts of unnecessary ways. It removes standard Windows features and gives you no control over the level of shell integration.

    It’s badly programmed. It uses all sorts of legacy proprietary filters when it could instead use standard Windows ones (which would be much safer). Developers flatly refuse to address this issue.

    It’s Dangerous. This program FREQUENTLY stops working for no reason, and it can trash your system if you try to uninstall it (gets stuck in infinite loops or constant Blue Screen crashes).

    Unhelpful Staff. If you dare to complain about any of these issues, your comments will be deleted from the Acronis forum (and you may get banned too).

  3. This company is full of CON-MEN. They create fake accounts and give their product 5 stars. They have done this with every one of their products. None of them are free. No one should ever pay these people a single dime.

  4. The Problem with this is, is that microsoft made it so the only way someone could play AOE III is that you have to have win xp…. for most people like myself, who cant go out and buy the 200 dollar software that is not that great. Other then that i really wish to play the game but unfortunatly i cant. I love playing the age of empires series. So if you have anything made before win xp then i recomend not buying it

  5. I can look right at a word in the file and ask Reader to search for it, and it will come back with no results.

  6. has a problem with the current version opening Google+ everytime i start up the virtual machine.

  7. It is full of virue abd spyware, will also slow down your pc will not uninstall no mater what you do.It can also mess up some of your other programs

  8. When using AusLogic defrag, it produces a report indicating huge amount of registry errors and junk files, then offers for sale this program to correct them. I consulted a computer expert is in the computer retail business about this and was told these registry cleaners not only don’t result in any improvement, but in some cases can actually reduce performance.

  9. I have purchased the Ion Profile Pro, when you are installing the software to your computer there are two options, I don’t remember what the first selection was ( I picked it) and the second option is to install the Audacity Version, which I did not select. Once you select the fist version you can not change it to the Audacity version. I have written to Ion but did not get a response back yet. If any one know how to add the Audacity version please let us know.

  10. CONS : I had to pay careful attention during the installation process, because I was offered to include add-ons from third-party vendors. This is common with most freeware installs today. I simply un-checked a few boxes and clicked the “DENY” button before I could proceed. From there, it was easy. Also, the burn rate for a single 2.4GB (MP4-to-DVD) feature-length film was exceptionally slow (about 3 hours) but the finished product was flawless. Finally, some users might take issue with the 102MB size of the software package on their hard-drive, as this might affect their computer’s over-all performance. With lap-tops, this might be a problem. With desk-tops, however, the size of this package is negligible.

  11. Manual was pretty good but did not have “how to” section, but this is not that bad as they have video’s on their site to show you the basics & get you started pretty quick. I found those pretty useful.
    The ability to add different page borders is a noce touch.

  12. It is really useful for all cooperatives. I have just gone through the main menu in the screenshot.

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