Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.8.0 Build 2297 license code

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor For Pc Free Download

  • Deletes selected part from the mp3 document.
  • Deletes unselected part from the mp3 document.
  • Changes audio volume by specifying a percentage value.
  • Increases volume as high as possible without distortion.
  • Gradually increases the volume throughout the selection.
  • Gradually decreases the volume throughout the selection.
  • Duplicates mono track to make a stereo track.
  • Mixes all channels to make a mono track.

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The interface of the tool is plain and simple, consisting only of a few buttons and a panel in which to view waveforms. Consequently, all types of users should be able to learn how to handle it with ease.

Upload items, play and trim them

As stated above, this utility only supports MP3 and WAV file extensions, and it is possible to upload an audio track by using either the file browser or the "drag and drop" function. It is possible to trim an audio file by specifying the starting and ending point, and save the piece in either of the aforementioned formats. Furthermore, you can play the song, select and deselect all, adjust the volume of the audio file (optionally maximize it), apply a fade in and out filter, as well as convert the song to mono or stereo.

  • Step 1: Click to open an MP3 file for editing
  • The waveform graph and editing command buttons are then displayed.
  • Step 2: Define a selection, if needed, for the editing commands
  • Just click on the graph to set the current position for playback, then click toolbar button or to set this position as start or end of selection.
  • You can also click and drag on the graph to define the selection area directly.
  • Step 3: Click any of the command buttons below the graph
  • See the Editing Commands section below for short descriptions of the available commands.
  • Step 4: Click to save all changes made to the document
  • You can choose a new location for the file when it is being saved for the first time.


  • Easy to use
  • Limited format support
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Fade feature ideal for combining files
  • Very few sound effects
Free MP3 Cutter and Editor registration keys

Download Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.8 registered – Cut and edit MP3 files with this simple and intuitive application, that offers an easy to use range of options for modifying your audio tracks This is a free and simple audio editor that works with MP3 and WAV files. The application works in a very straightforward manner, allowing you to edit and apply effects to audio files in order to clip songs, create ringtones, etc.

System Requirements for Free MP3 Cutter and Editor:

What’s new in Free MP3 Cutter and Editor?

Enhanced: setup now checks for latest updates;
Enhanced: improved performance for WAV caching.
Fixed: some unknown file formats may freeze the program;
Enhanced: better support for VBR.
New: drag-and-drop to open files;
New: easy-access buttons for the blank workspace.
New: added support to load / save PCM WAV files;
New: conversion between MP3 and WAV files.
Fixed: a bug in rendering waveform when main window is resized.
New: commands for conversion between mono and stereo sounds;
Fixed: playback position not reset when file closed.
New: loading / saving progress dialog;
Enhanced: playback can be confined to the current selection.
New: commands for changing sound volume;

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  1. Free version lacks some niceties for automatic updating, but it’s a price you’d have to pay…

  2. The software IS free but if you use it for alot of data, like me, it will suggest that you buy it. I think that is fair, but of course, free would be better. Before I bought it I was never denied the use of it. Won’t time out, but it will nag a bit.

  3. Well, it’s the fact that you have to choose custom install if you don’t want the tenth toolbar installed and messing up your browser!!!

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