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Foto2Avi 4.4 serial keys allows creating movies from pictures and other videos. It also supports a few basic editing operations. As a source, the program supports multiple image, sound and video file types; however, it only allows exporting to AVI video format. It’s a shame that the tool has an unattractive and too complicated interface, so it’s not surprising some users may feel completely lost when using it.

Foto2Avi full version crack

Video editing is no longer a job for professionals. You can put together some of your own photos or videos and use one of many editing tools out there to give them a professional look. One of these tools is Foto2Avi 4.4 full version with crack , a complex program that packs quite some editing options.

Clean feature lineup

After installing it you are facing a rather simple interface that allows you to browse for files and easily add them to the output area where you can start editing them. The editing window reveals the application's true capabilities, as Foto2Avi Full Version Serial Key offers you a multitude of effects, animations and tools.

If you have a good photograph collection, from here at we propose an original idea that will dazzle your friends: transform them into a film that includes a sound track and transitions. To do so, we have an application that makes the whole process easier: Foto2Avi 4.4 full version with crack .   Foto2Avi 4.4 with serial keys is a specific program designed to convert your photographs and video to AVI, MPEG or FLV format. At the same time, it makes it possible to add a good number of effects like transitions, filters, distort, subtitles, etc… What’s more, it offers the possibility to synchronize the songs and sounds with the video that has been generated.


  • It only supports exporting to AVI
  • It supports multiple file types as input
  • It allows basic editing operations
  • It has a poorly designed interface
  • You cannot preview changes
  • Easy to use, enough transition effects. A lot of edition options.
  • free, yippy
  • jajaja
Foto2Avi Full Version Registration key

Compact application that helps you add a logo, transparency masks, watermarks and transitions effects to your videos and generate customizable slideshows from images Download Foto2Avi 4.4 Full Version Free Crack – Compact application that helps you add a logo, transparency masks, watermarks and transitions effects to your videos and generate customizable slideshows from images Allows creating movies from your pictures and videos

System Requirements for Foto2Avi:

What’s new in Foto2Avi?

Fixed : Logo effect
Updated : Gui inteface
Updated : bug fixed version
Added : ConvertFPS feature (synch problems fixed)
Fixed : howmanyframes bug
Updated : EffectsMany
Updated : TransAll
Updated : AddGrainC
Updated : AviSynth 2.6.0 [150114]
Updated : FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2014-09-29 [ffdshow_rev4533_20140929_clsid]
Updated : FFMPEG [ffmpeg-20150218-git-8bc8001-win32-static]
Updated : dvdauthor 0.7.1
Added : Hard (permanent) subtitle support for file mode (avi / mkv / mp4 / flv / mpeg)
Added : Soft (selectable) subtitle support for mkv
Added : srt, ssa, ass subtitle support
Fixed : Progress bar
Updated : ffmpeg version [ffmpeg-20121105-git-c995644-win32-static]

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