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When dealing with very large files that take a lot of time to convert or join, you can set FormatFactory full version free to shut down the PC when the process ends and you can leave the computer so that you are not compelled to stick around to turn it off manually.

A reliable and efficient converter

All in all, FormatFactory 5.6 Full Version portable should be your number one pick when converting a file, thanks to the numerous formats it supports, as well as the functions it provides.

FormatFactory full version crack

Download FormatFactory patched – Multifunctional media converter that supports video/audio/picture conversion, DVD and CD ripping capabilities, ISO file creation and joining options There are video converters, audio converters, document conversion tools, and then there’s FormatFactory Full Version Registration key, a comprehensive multimedia and document converter with support for all the most widely used file formats. This all-in-one conversion utility can also rip audio and video from all types of discs, burn ISO files to disc, and even rename files in bulk. It works with task lists that you can save for later reuse.

This versatile multi-format conversion tool has three main assets – its extensive support for a wide variety of file formats, its “task list”-based conversion functionality, and the fact that it is a completely free tool. On the cons side, the only drawback I could find refers to the extreme simplicity of most of its conversions tasks when it comes to configuring the various processes and applying certain advanced settings that are common practice in many similar tools.


  • Reduces file size for easier sharing
  • Unnecessary images on main screen
  • Supports all the most widely used file formats in each category
  • Works only on Windows operating systems
  • Lack of advanced settings for most conversion tasks
  • Queue all kinds of tasks and launch them in one single operation
FormatFactory registered

Ripping features

In addition to format conversion, the software application can be used to rip DVDs and CDs , or to create ISO files based on user-selected discs. You can even compress the ISO files and generate CSOs, depending on your choice.

Joining options

After or before converting your video or audio tracks, you can choose to join the files and obtain a large one than can be played on your device. FormatFactory Full Version Registration key can stitch together files of the same format, while still allowing you to adjust the output quality and size.

System Requirements for FormatFactory:

I am converting a 30 minutes segments to AVI but would like to divide it in smaller segments during the conversion so the final file will be smaller. Is this possible and how?

Yes. Using the FormatFactory utility you can split your recordings while converting, but you will have to set the beginning and the end of every piece manually. To do this, open the program, load the file that you want to split / convert and press the Option button. On the new page that opened, under the preview window, you will find the Start time and the End time. You need to set the values manually and do this for every piece of the video. There is no way to do this automatically. For more information about the product’s functions, check the Help menu.

Will the program convert an image to .imf format?

IMF file format is not supported by this application. For this purpose, you can use Landro IMF to MPEG Converter to convert your file to a known video file (MPEG).

What is the use of FormatFactory?

FormatFactory is one of the most comprehensive converters on the market today. It is capable of converting media files like video, images and audio. The program also allows subtitles embedding, video joining and cropping, and will let you edit pictures before converting them. It is available on all Windows Operating Systems.
FormatFactory is a freeware type program but you have to pay attention when installing it because it contains advertisement and it will try to install a toolbar and change your default search engine. You can download it for free from the official website.

I am using format factory to convert my .vp6 videos to anything. Actually, videos came out to be perfect but I lost the sound. What can I do?

Try to change the audio settings. Use MP3 or the audio codec. You can change these settings from the Output Settings menu.

How to add watermarks with Format Factory?

The application allows you to add watermark to all output file formats you save. To do this, simply click on a file format, then press Output Settings. After the window opens, locate the Watermark option on the bottom. Tick it and then adjust the settings. Add image, orientation, size, etc. and that’s it. Use the image below to see exactly.
enter image description here

I’m trying to convert a movie from AVI to MP4 with Arabic subtitles, but it gives me strange symbols or just dashes instead of the Arabic letters. What can I do?

Go to video settings of the file using All To MP4 > Output Settings > Additional Subtitle and change the ANSI code page to 1256 which is Arabic, then your subtitles will be displayed correctly.

Why is it that all my converted videos are only 2 minutes long?

Try uninstalling the application and then installing it again by downloading a new version.It’s possible that this is a bug and updating should fix it.

I have a little problem with Format Factory. When I change MKV to AVI the size changes also and passes from 165 MB to 230 MB but the last file I convert didn’t change its size (the AVI was 165 MB like the MKV). I was wondering why, because if I can do the same thing with all the files it’ll be wonderful. (I checked the properties of the files, nothing is different from the others, or I didn’t see the difference). Do someone have an idea?

MKV should have almost double the size of the AVI file. There is something unusual with the converter. Try to re-install the application and use the same settings and you should watch the file entirely. It’s possible that it’s not converted as it should.

What’s new in FormatFactory?

Added Format Player
2Added Hardware accelerate testing tool "HA Test" in "Utilities"
Fixed the bug that subtitles could not be added during cropping
Fixed the bug that crop area was outside of screen
Fixed the bug of "WebM" encoder
Adjusted some profiles of All to GIF
Added Hardware accelerate testing tool "HA Test" in "Utilities"
Added "PDF Joiner"
Added "Video Downloader"
Added "Fast Clip"
Added "Divided Into"
Added "Fade In" and "Fade Out" in "Output Setting"

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  1. Since this software became available, there were no good comprehensive tools to manage conversions as easily as this one does. A great free product.

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