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Applying filters and effects is not as complicated, and it’s always fun. You are offered a wide selection of filters, masks, and effects to help you add artistic, edge, gradient, blurs, or color effects (among others), or to eliminate excessive noise. Either way, you can usually choose between applying the selected value manually or with the help of a slider. Some of the changes will require you to click on the “Apply” button in order to become visible, which is sometimes a bit annoying. Others, however, are visible in real time, offering you a very convenient preview of your work.

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Focus Photoeditor serial code is a full-featured, pro-like image editor with support for all the most widely used image file types and more than a hundred RAW formats. This versatile tool can be used not only to apply a wide array of correction algorithms to your photographs, but also to unleash your creativity by drawing, painting, and composing new images thanks to its layer support. The program’s main interface will remind you of many other professional image editors, with the same plethora of tools and icons and buttons and data that usually make novice users a bit dizzy. Everything you need to start editing your photographs is here – if you can’t find the corresponding icon (hover over them to learn what they can do for you) it will probably be on one of the pull-down menus on the top side of the screen.

Focus Photoeditor 7.0.5 Full Version license Key is shareware that is free to try for 30 days, though the trial version puts a watermark on images. It’s listed as working in Windows versions 95 to Vista, but we tested it in Windows 7 and it worked fine. It’s a highly capable and intuitive photo editor, and we recommend it. Focus Photoeditor For Windows Download is an image and photo editor, picture retouching tool, web album creator, image browser and Photoshop Filters Host Application. It also has the ability to correct digital photos, it has many rich tools and effects found in much more expensive professional tools. And there are also many tools you can hardly find elsewhere.


  • Real-time preview is not available in many cases
  • Supports all well-known image file formats plus more than 100 RAW file types
  • Automatic photo correction plus extra correction tools
  • Batch processing capabilities
  • Layer support
  • Photoshop-compatible plugin support
  • It’s powerful, intuitive and easy.
Focus Photoeditor Full Version Free Download

The One-Click Fix menu is a good start. Here you are offered various presets that perform one-click corrections to the image’s contrast, lightning, saturation, exposure, etc. If you happen to be a bit more savvy and experience as far as image editing go, you can move to the “Regulations” window – here you can perform more precise adjustments to whatever blemish you want to get rid of.

System Requirements for Focus Photoeditor:

  • 1 GB free RAM
  • recommended CPU: Dual Core or greater
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author NeWest Software
  • Last version 7.0.5

What’s new in Focus Photoeditor?

This fixes some glitches of the display while painting, the batch dialog for Drop-Shadow and other minor issues.
Version 7.0 interface was improved in many respects and it is now even faster to use and more intuitive.
We have added 5 automatic corrections the HDR Auto Enhancements, several vintage-like filters, manual and auto Dehaze, ability to batch process with photoshop compatible plugins in both automatic and manual modes, added several other manual and automatic corrections and reworked tens of existing corrections to make them even more effective and give better results.
One of the major improvement over version 6 is the greatly improved speed of almost every correction and filter. Some were improved by 500%.
A new Focus Photoeditor proprietary Project Format (fpp) now will include everything into a single file (before it was split in two files). Compatibility with the old format has been kept, so you can load your old projects as well.

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  1. As a new user it has been really tough to get going and a tutorial would really be helpful. Even starting with the site wizard it’s not too easy.

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