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Save your creation to various formats

FlaX reg keys enables you to export the created flash text effects as SWF, test them either in a player or in your default browser, create projector, set it as screensaver or save the project for further editing. For those who want even more customization options, FlaX Registration key enables users to choose the background picture, be it a GIF, JPG or BMP, scale it to fit movie, insert a MP3 file or choose the shape of the project, with multiple options available, as follows: arc, arc lower and upper, bulge, squeeze, flag and rise.

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When exporting a project as an SWF, the program creates a frame-by-frame animation and formats each letter as a symbol, making it easy to further edit your text in Flash or other design applications. You also can add background pictures and save your work as an EXE projector or even set it as your screensaver. As a standalone design tool, FlaX registeration keys is somewhat limited. You can work with only one piece of text at a time, and the program offers few options for stylizing that text. All in all, however, this program makes an excellent addition to the utility belt of any Flash designer.

FlaX 5.10 crack creates text effects for Macromedia Flash in real time. FlaX 5.10 Full Version Registration key comes equipped with 35 special-effects groups, which the user can tweak using sliders and buttons to create thousands of unique effects. Any adjustment made takes effect immediately. FlaX 5.10 Registration key will export your effect in Flash format, so you can import it into Flash for inclusion in your other work, or you can use the effect on your Web site. FlaX full version makes use of user-friendly floating tool windows.


  • It’s small, it’s powerful, has tons of very unique effects, and every new update adds even more effects. Nice user interface. Love just to play around with it.
  • Neat program. The full version would be really neat.
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Crafting Flash-based text effects can be difficult and time-consuming. This single-minded gadget simplifies the process and cuts production time significantly. The highly intuitive interface uses minimal space on the desktop, making it perfect for running alongside other design tools. To create a sample effect, we simply typed in our text, added one of more than 50 built-in effects, and watched the results in a real-time preview window. The highly adjustable text and effects let us fine-tune the appearance of our text with little effort.

System Requirements for FlaX:

  • Homepage: www.flaxfx.com
  • Author Goldshell Digital Media
  • Last version 5.10

What’s new in FlaX?

effect bookmarking, angled effects, shaped text, text outline coloring, more letter coloring options, etc. etc.

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6 Comments on “FlaX 5.10 full version free”

  1. Very professionally and quickly. This is one of the few companies who care about their customers and I wholly recommend them.

  2. Each function takes a long time to execute, from search to chosing files in folders to finally getting them deleted takes an average of 10 minutes for each deletion set.

  3. You can use your default browser (FireFox or Opera) and manage your own bookmarks. It requires no separate program… let alone paying for this program.

  4. Well, maybe not quite everything as some of the emptied directory folders are left behind but no big deal as it gets rid of the worst of it.

  5. Cons I found was easily fixed and repaired. So therefor I have no cons on this product I help Beta testing with..

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