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FlashFXP 5.4 Full Version Free Download is an application that can come in very handy if you need to store the backups of your files (photos, documents, etc.) on a storage server or if you need to maintain your website, you’ll need an FTP by means of which you will be able to transfer files between the local computer and a remote server. One of the options that FlashFXP portable has available an easy-to-use powerful tool, that can transfer files between a computer and an FTP server. Furthermore, it’s also capable of carrying out the file transfer directly between two servers FTP (FXP).

Main features

FlashFXP serial keys

FlashFXP Serial Key is a powerful and easy to use FTP client for windows. With a familiar Explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. In addition to FTP, FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3970 cracked provides additional security with SFTP (Secure Shell or SSH), FTPS (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over FTP) and seamless one time password support. FlashFXP full setup offers many unique features you wont find anywhere else, such as, multi-firewall and proxy support, speed limiting, server file searching, remote editing with automatic (or manual) uploading, automated transfer scheduling with email notifications, priority transfer lists, extensive file transfer rules, user customizable interface, and more.

Connecting to a remote server can be done in a matter of seconds with the 'Quick Connect' feature. However, during our tests the only way we could establish multiple simultaneous connections was to open several instances of the application. FlashFXP For Pc Free Download offers an impressive list of options that can be tweaked so you can set rules for file transfers, filter file extensions, create priority or skip lists, manage sites and detailed information regarding each of them.


  • File filtering
  • No built-in scheduler
  • Job scheduling
  • Secure transfers
  • Trial is not fully functional
  • Drag-and-drop operations
  • Various simultaneous sessions
  • Sessions open in separate windows
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in text editor
  • Feature-rich
  • Windows Explorer-style interface
FlashFXP free

FlashFXP free is an FTP client that will help you with the transfer of files between a PC and a server. Download FlashFXP pre-Activated Free Download for free and copy all your files safely FlashFXP 5.4 Full Version Free Download is a powerful FTP client for Windows. With its intuitive and customizable user interface, Flash FXP provides the fastest and easiest way to transfer or backup files between your local computer and a remote server, or directly between two servers.

System Requirements for FlashFXP:

  • For best results we recommend at least 128 MB RAM, a 300 MHz Pentium or faster processor, 10 MB minimum of free hard drive space, and a high-color (thousands or millions of colors) resolution of 800×600 or greater
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.flashfxp.com
  • Author OpenSight Software, LLC
  • Last version 5.4.0 Build 3970

What’s new in FlashFXP?

Added a new Character Encoding setting "Strict character encoding" in the Site Manager / Options tab. When checked, FlashFXP will not attempt to detect UTF-8 mixed with non-UTF-8 text. On servers that do not use UTF-8 certain character encodings may incorrectly detect as UTF-8 and as a result garble the text, checking this setting can avoid the issue. We have seen this issue on Xlight FTP server software when using the character encoding Chinese Simplified (GBK/GB2312)
Fixed: A slow performance startup issue under a remote terminal session when the window state was maximized.
Change: When running under a remote terminal session we've reduced the amount of memory allowed to be allocated for remote directory caching. The original memory allocation limit was calculated based on a desktop PC and now we a different method for server environments to make FlashFXP more server resource friendly.

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  1. this program is the best i have ever stumbled upon…. it has a lot of options that you can use to “fix up” you computer, first of all it has this start menu editor so you can decide what you want to have on your start menu like i only have the programs i use the most and the rest are hidden ( not erased, the uninstalling part has 4 options,a built-in, which uses the built-in uninstaller, safe, which uses the built-in uninstaller and does a simple scan and deletion, normal dose an extended scan and search as well as deletion but is slower than safe, and super, which gets id of most times all the files of the desired program, that includes reg files and data files as well as the program files. and even some times it will get rid of all the files of the intended program. and for a few other computer choices you can make is the disk cleaner it gets rid of files you don’t need or use and it can give back a bit of memory back in the process any way this is the best uninstaller one may ever find.

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