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Fix-It Utilities Professional Full Crack

The software’s easy-to-use interface enables users to fix Windows registry problems, defrag a hard drive, diagnose system problems and detect and remove viruses and spyware. With the software’s Windows Startup Manager and System Optimizer, users can choose the programs, services and drivers that will automatically run when starting their PC and can select profiles to optimize their systems for certain PC tasks. In addition, this software includes a File Undeleter that you can use to recover erased music, photos, videos, emails, or other types of files.

System requirements

  • Minimum of 64 MB RAM
  • Minimum of 40MB free disk space
  • Internet connection recommended for automatic updates

Fix-It Utilities Professional registered

Tool that can help you to keep your PC running like new An application that provides users with a wide range of tools that can help them improve the performance of their computers and protect them from threats Fix-It Utilities Professional Activation Code is a very sophisticated and professional class system maintenance tool that can help you to keep your PC running like new. It has everything that your PC may need. An anti-virus, E-mail scanner, cleanup tool, defragmentation tool, backup tool, registry fixer, registry editor and system explorer, all these will provide you with a solution for any problem caused in any area of your PC. The system explorer can give you the details of every process, application or configuration file running. The SMART disk check can scan your hard drive for any fault or suspicious behavior and warn you before your important files are lost.

The program is a big bunch of powerful tools and utilities to maintain your PC for the best performance. I am wondering how a developer can put so many tools in one package. The program is no doubt a must have tool for your PC and a wonderful creation by Avanquest. Download Fix-It Utilities Professional crack – An application that provides users with a wide range of tools that can help them improve the performance of their computers and protect them from threats


  • A complete system care and maintenance tool for your PC
  • None
  • Built-in file shredder, registry mechanic,system optimizer and security tools
Fix-It Utilities Professional Full Version Full Crack

Quick, custom and deep scans offer you three different levels of virus protection. Media verifier makes sure that every file on a removable disk can be successfully read. The disk fixer, given along with these tools, will keep your disk drives error free and run smoother. The system optimizer, Internet booster and disk cleaner will get you the best of your PC performance. Additionally the file shredder and recovery tool can help you to manage sensitive and important data on your PC.

System Requirements for Fix-It Utilities Professional:

When I click the “Fix Now” tab it says that “Fix-it-Utilities isn’t responding and needs to be closed”. What should I do?

The error could be caused by bugs or a bad installation. Re-install the application or download the latest one that is compatible with your operating system.

What’s new in Fix-It Utilities Professional?

Cloud-Based Device Manager:
Use an online dashboard to view all your PCs, phones and tablets from one place.
Remotely Access & Control Any PC:
Remotely access any PC from anywhere, as if you were in front of it.
Remotely control all your personal, work and family computers.
Access everything on the computer, from applications to files.
Use from any browser on your tablet, phone, PC and Mac.
Speed Up Your PCs from the Web:
Remotely scan and fix all your computers for registry errors, junk files, broken shortcuts and start-up slowdowns.
Use from any browser on your tablets, phones, PC and Mac.
Locate and Protect Your Mobile Devices:
Fix helps you find and recover your lost or stolen mobile device, whether it’s been left at a friend house, store or misplaced in your home.
Locate your phone on a Google map from any browser.
Make your mobile device scream when you can’t find it.

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22 Comments on “Fix-It Utilities Professional 15 free full download”

  1. It is hard to find the actual program. I get the uninstall/install version often. Also my devices often appear as offline on the dashboard

  2. I like Iobit just as much if not better and its FREE. Fix-it cost $40.00 to find out its not the best

  3. I’ve tried every program known to man and this is the best security software out there.

  4. Not really a con, but a recommendation. Basic familiarity with DOS is helpful if you try the DOS version.

  5. When I try to save, it tells me another user has it open (untrue), when I try to delete – after I’ve saved it somewhere else so I can save it where it belongs – same thing. It’s always been bad in this way but version XI Pro is worse. I miss the typewriter. The text box doesn’t work nearly as well. The program never knows where it just was seconds ago. It returns to the document I worked on yesterday. I think, given its cost, if it wasn’t so useful as a portable doc format, it would have been dumped in the trash can of tech history years ago.

  6. Would like a column for file date (modified? created?) to be able to easily identify new files. Sorting by publisher would also be useful, but hard to do in a tree structure.

  7. Circus is a fun game but it easily freezes up and, once downloaded, will not allow another try. My requests for help go unanswered there.

  8. I have been using this product for several years and have not had any problems. Product support is great whenever you have questions.

  9. No cons. The free version is an excellent program to satisfy many of your video conversion needs.

  10. none, except perhaps would be even better if mp3 files and video could be recovered as well

  11. seems to work fine but the annoying icon asking to upgrade will soon make me delete it I do not like to be bullied by software manufactures

  12. This is terrible. Everything crashes. I’ve spent the last two days trying to get rid of it so that *something* will work again.

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