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Occasionally, you might need to use the Internet to send large files to your friends, boss or colleagues. One way to do it is to upload the file to a sharing platform, then send the link to the receiver. Another way is to split the file into several smaller parts and send them via email as attachments. For the latter option, you can use File Splitter and Joiner 3.3 full version with keygen download free . This software application enables you to split a file into several chunks, and then join them together to recreate the original file. It somewhat resembles the principle of a compression tool – you split a file into smaller chunks, copy or move them into the desired source, then put them back together into the original piece.

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  As logical, File Splitter and Joiner 3.3 setup allows you to select the number of parts that we want to have, and the maximum size that each part can occupy, in such a way that it’s possible to divide the files in many parts as a security precaution, or in very small parts to make them fit on a diskette. On the other hand, it is also possible to encrypt each part and even to find out the MD5.   The most common use of this kind of application takes place when we want to upload files to a server or send them by email and the files are too large. With this software we’ll be able to solve both of these problems.

Extremely large files are a problem, but File Splitter and Joiner full version with crack and keygen has the solution. If you want to divide a file because you need to send it by email and your service doesn’t support transfers that are so large, or if you want to split a file to burn it on several discs, this software is exactly what you need.   File Splitter and Joiner keys is an application that integrates into Windows to be able to be launched from the context menu to divide the file that you choose, in the same way that all the parts of a file can be joined from the same menu.


  • Not so useful these days
  • It’s fast
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  • Its fast, very fast for what it does, and very easy to use. It joins the 001 type split files one is most likely to download and find in need of joining.
  • Well only worked whit the first file i Split and Join, rest of time the message Cant write to file stream pops up. Anyone who knows whats wrong
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Splitting options

In the first section, you can select the source file and output directory. Then you can either choose from splitting the file into the desired number of parts (which are equal in size), or splitting the file after every given number of storage units (expressed in bytes, KB, MB, or GB). This option is recommended when you know the exact size you wish to use for transferring the split file. You can also choose to delete the source file after splitting, as well as use a password to encrypt parts to ensure no unauthorized person can access them.

System Requirements for File Splitter and Joiner:

  • Author Le Minh Hoang
  • Last version 3.3

How to uninstall FFSJ v3.3 file splitter software?

If the program is nowhere to be found on the Add/Remove Programs list then you will need to use an advanced utility which deals with this problem. You can use Your Uninstaller! because it has an advanced uninstallation menu from where you can search for lost or broken uninstallers on your computer.
After you install the application, please click on Advanced Uninstall and locate your software on the list and click remove and let the application do its job.

Is File Splitter and Joiner (FFSJ v3.3) free to use?

Both FFSJ-Lite & FFSJ-Standard are free.
FFSJ-Lite – Requires no installation whereas the FFSJ-Standard does.

Yes, the application is free. The software has Lite and Standard mode, each offers different features. You can visit the official website to learn more about it.
Official website:
I have checked the website and I haven’t found anything about payments, donations, etc.

What’s new in File Splitter and Joiner?

Bug fixed: Auto drop shadow effects
Bug fixed: Drag n Drop behaviors
Bug fixed: FFSJ Shell Context Menu on Vista
FFSJ now uses Segoe UI font on Windows Vista
FFSJ 3.2 mainly focuses on Vista compatibility.
Added File Associations to FFSJ standard.
Some bugs were fixed.
I/O Buffer Optimization.
Minor changes

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  1. I gave it back Ashampoo antivirus software; after one month, Because many of the problems. Some of: while scanning the virusses suddenly disappear, frozen the PC, etc. I forgot the others because I didn’t use it at least 10 months. I wrote all the problems to Ashampoo but they prefer to give my money back instead of the solve the problems.

  2. It’s a great product for download of torrent files. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to create a torrent from one of the local files existing on my computer. Perhaps that was not a part of the spec…

  3. I dont like the fact that you have to have this product in order to down load certain items

  4. Well, I did the test I do with all this kind of sofware and this programm failed: it don’t detected a a Trojan file placed on purpose in my, I uninstall it, if can’t succeed in this easy test i can’t trust it my PC’s security.

  5. Sometimes is very slow but the last time my NECrecorder was damaged so Iput a newer internal dvd recorder.

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