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File Extension Changer pre-Activated makes it very easy to change the extension(s) of single or multiple files. File Extension Changer serial keys makes it very easy to change the extension(s) of single or multiple files. It integrates in context menu of files and folders without the use of DLLs thereby providing ease of use without loading the system when not in use. It supports Drag n Drop feature helping you change extensions of multiple files simultaneously. Also features a completely portable version of the program supporting context menu integration as well. You can select the old extension and new one you want to replace it with, in order to create a list. For example, you can set File Extension Changer 1.0 full version with crack to change RAR to ZIP, MP3 to WAV and AVI to MPG, a task which focuses on all files and folders you have added to the list.

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File Extension Changer full version serial keys is a tool which allows you to change the extension of files from your computer. The tool’s interface is simple, allowing you to drag and drop the files, or even entire folders containing files, whose extensions you need to change. You can change their extension either by directly clicking on “Change extension(s)” button after you have added files in the list, or by customizing the change conditions by accessing the Advanced Features panel. You can manually specify the old and the new extension of your files by filling in the necessary fields. Nevertheless, the latter mode is recommended for more advanced users.

In addition, you can change the extensions not specified in the list to a particular format, as well as create a log file, backup file (UNDO) and BAT file (REDO) of the rename process. Furthermore, you can import and export a list (in the File Extension Changer full version format), clear the current list, add more files, and others. The program takes up a moderate amount of system resources and includes a “ReadMe” file. Moreover, File Extension Changer 1.0 activated integrates in the context menu of files and directories. No errors have popped up during our tests. Besides the fact that the interface needs to step up its game, we strongly recommend File Extension Changer Registration key to all users.


  • The possibility to specify your own change conditions
  • None
  • Fast extension change for a large number of files
File Extension Changer patched

Also features a completely portable version of the program supporting context menu integration as well. Advanced Mode features include conditional changing of extensions in which the user can provide some conditions on the basis of which extensions are changed. Also this list can be saved as a file for later use. Batch file can be created to UNDO any changes done. Moreover, batch or redo file can be created for the rename process by which the entire renaming can be redone.

System Requirements for File Extension Changer:

What’s new in File Extension Changer?

5 bugs fixed. Removed update checker.
Portable version released. Added Registry Manager. Fixed: Error when user selects hidden file from context menu in Shell Mode. Fixed: Error when user selects drives from context menu in directory mode.
4 bugs fixed related to logging process.
Bug fixed related to the addition of hidden files in Drag & Drop modes, added Date & Time stamp in the log file structure.
Added Backup, REDO & Log file features to all the three modes
2 bugs fixed.
Update checker included.
Added Advanced Mode features to drag & drop mode, added Directory Mode, added function to add multiple files & directory using command buttons

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