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Most users won’t find the interface intuitive, but that is to be expected. If you are used to working in command line, then the interface is quite straightforward and intuitive. Otherwise you are left wondering how to reach the documentation for this program. A FAQ exists, but it is only written in Russian. Otherwise the Web site points you to the forums so that other users can answer your questions. FAR manager 3 Full Version portable does not make use of Windows Explorer so that you can use the GUI in any way. The best use for this program, in an age of easy GUI file manipulation, is at that moment when Windows is not responsive and you must work from the command line.

FAR manager full download

FAR manager 3 full setup is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. First of all, NO, the screenshots aren't from the legendary "Norton Commander". YES, I'm sure! OK, I know, it's SO, SO identical! But believe me, this time we are talking about a "new" file manager…its name is FAR Manager. Do you remember the PCs with DOS? Fingers spitting fire with cd/md/del commands? Well, DOS was like that…hard to use, but predictable and without complications. Luckily, Norton Commander came to our lives and made our tasks easier. An excellent file manager with the ability to exploit the capabilities of the text-based screen to their limits.

If you still use the console for certain things, you’ll be pleased to hear that FAR manager For Windows 10 Download is a file manager with a more than decent interface that works from the Windows operating system command prompt. It allows you to copy, move, delete, launch and edit files straight from the console with an interface that is very similar to that of Windows Explorer or any other file manager that uses GUI that we know.


  • It works in text mode, it uses little system resources
  • It’s like Norton/Midnight Commander, but not the same. Sometimes I get lost
  • Through F11, you can e.g. compare files etc. Ease of use depends on your habits: Basic commands are activated in the same way as in the Norton Commander group of File managers. It conttains more functions…
  • It may not have even a fraction of the Total Commander features, but then remember that this gem is just a 32-bit shell enhancement, and as such it can be used and save your arse in all that cases you cannot use your windows properly (eg from a console environment). I use both that one and Total Commander, and I couldn’t be happier.
  • The Best!
  • It’s just the kind of product I was looking for. Especially if you have to deal with drives accessible via dial-up connections (WAN), Windows Explorer drives one crazy. With FAR you can really get your work done. However, this product is nothing for people only used to Windows Explorer. If you didn’t like Norton Commander, you won’t like FAR.
  • For me Far is the most comprehensive file manager because I’ve using it for 5 years. I can claim that FAR is the fastest and most stable file manager. Of course one can regret that FAR doesn’t possess with explorer interface but for me its present interface is very convenient.
  • Being able to run this program when windows has “issues” is a big plus, better then typing cmd line instructions or writting scripts.
FAR manager free full download

Thanks to plugins, FAR also provides a FTP client, a network browser, a process list and a temporary panel, but also dedicated tools to perform an advanced comparison and case conversion. On the good side, this application impresses mostly thanks to the high customization power it offers to its users. You can adjust basically everything, from colors to shortcuts and layout.

To sum it up

Overall, it's no doubt FAR is one of the best file managers out there. It's light, it supports plugins, its open source and features a multi-language interface. It does not take much time to get acquainted with its features. Simply brilliant.

System Requirements for FAR manager:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: farmanager.com
  • Author Far Group
  • Last version 3.0 Build 5700

What’s new in FAR manager?

New versions of fmt, tinyxml2, Catch2.
New versions of fmt and Catch2.
Continuation of 1771.2 or 9 years later: second attempt to fix Backspace/Del madness in DIF_MASKEDIT.
A few minor changes.
Minor optimisation of mapped network drives enumeration.
More types in far.natvis.
Hex-viewer in UTF-16 mode shows hex as everywhere else – as bytes.
The code page affects only the text part.
Correction of 5441 – no need to request elevation when reading a directory.
Move Grabber help to a separate topic.
Load macros before the first panels update in order to immediately show content-columns defined in macro-files.

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  1. If you know Norton command this one works the same and I loved it because were windows don`t allow you to make modifications or delete unwanted software Norton and FAR do, the only remember this is for advanced users you must know what you do. Thanks to this software.

  2. This is possibly the best and the most versatile file manager for Windows. If you grew up with the old Norton Commander as I did, this orthodox old-school file manager is exactly for you.

  3. Easy Watermarker trial is too short for busy people like myself. I downloaded and installed it, but never got around to trying it out. I decided to try it, but it had already expired.

  4. Some more negative comments; the support e-mail address doesn’t exist anymore. So, easy to say that they offer a lifetime support!

  5. None that I can really think of, aside maybe from the fact that they update pretty regularly. It’s a good thing for the program, but just a bit of a hassle that I have to re-download the program every couple of days.

  6. In my opinion, it is kinda expensive if you pay full price for it – I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t gotten the discount.

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