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Interface-wise, ERDAS ER Viewer 2014 pre-Activated is fairly self explanatory with a commonly found layout. Once a file is opened, the application provides you with the tools you need to pan the image, zoom and out, as well as measure the distance between two pints. Besides images located on your computer, the application can also open ECW and JPEG2000 compressed files over a network or an image web server. To do so, all you have to do is provide the URL for the image and the application opens it without downloading if first.

ER Viewer Free Crack

Setting it aside from other image viewers, this application is capable of opening and displaying ECW files. Enhanced Compression Wavelet or ECW is a file format that is created to optimize large aerial and satellite images by successfully retaining contrast and visual quality. Since satellite images have a poor dynamic range, the application uses its automatic contrast enhancement facility to clip a fraction of the image data at the lower ends and corrects the contrast.

Download ER Viewer 2014 serial keys – A simple application designed to work as an image viewer for large images and ECW files, that also enables you to soften the pixelated look of some pictures Views raster GIS images, for example, ERS, ALG, DAT formats ERDAS ER Viewer 2014 license code is an image viewer that supports all the commonly known formats plus and additional number of types used in various scientific domains.


  • Cannot load vector graphics
  • Few feedback when saving
  • Requires just 58 MB disk space
  • Cannot create compositions
  • extremely slow
  • It’s free
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ER Viewer full version with crack is a simple utility that allows to open and view raster GIS images, like ERS, ALG, DAT and many more, becoming a trustworthy tool when working with the most popular formats. The key feature of this program is the ability to easily navigate through very large images performing a progressive scan and load, thus enhancing the overall speed and reliability. You can load multiple maps and arrange them on separate windows (it's an MDI application) and browsing them without losing performance significantly.

System Requirements for ER Viewer:

  • Intel Pentium
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Intergraph Corporation
  • Last version 2014

Does this version operate on a Mac?

No, this version of ER Viewer was been explicitly developed for Windows operating systems. You could try running it on Mac with the help of an application that emulates other apps from Windows while the Mac OSX is also running normally.
The application I am talking about is called Wine Bottler and you can download it for free.

Do you know if ER Viewer 7.2 works with Windows 8.1 64bit?

Yes, ER Viewer works with Windows 8.1 64bit, but you will need to install the software as administrator, else you will have problems when it’s started because of security permission. Right click the setup file, select Run as Administrator and follow the instructions.

What’s new in ER Viewer?

Opacity channel now supported for ECW files.
OTDF support.
Added BMG editor.
Updated interface.
Other miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.
New ecwp support for Vista, via a new "Open ecwp URL" dialog.
New ecwp application protocol (you can open an ecwp URL in ER
Viewer via a link in Word/IE, or simply from the IE address bar etc.)
New NSIS-based installer.
Updated to include latest ER Mapper libraries (libversion 7.1).
Improved Tiff and GeoTiff support.
Measuring tool now displays in meters or feet.
Support for JPEG 2000 formats
Support for secure remote ECW and URL (ecwps://) formats.
Updated ER Mapper and ECW runtime.
Updated end splash bitmap with correct contact details for the Americas Region Office.

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  2. Many. Files dont show up on PS3 even after a full restart of the entire network still only a few managed to make it to the library and then they dont even work..even though its supposed to transcode on the fly. Even if they all would of came up. Streaming doesnt function as advertised, no transcoding ect

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