ePrompter 2.0 SR120 Full Version pre-Activated

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Support for many accounts

Through a wizard, this program guides you step by step to add all the necessary information in order to add a new account. You can add up to 16 accounts, and you need to input you e-mail address, password and its type. ePrompter Full Version license code supports an array of account types, including Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AIM, Gmail, Hotmail, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, Juno, Lycos, Mail.com, Mindspring, MyWay, Netscape, Rediffmail, USA.net, Windows Live Mail and the list goes on.

ePrompter Full Version Full Crack

Long-lasting setup, yet simple interface

The installation process might last quite a while, as you are required to input information pertaining to your account. However, after completing it, you are met with a pretty plain GUI, as it only consists of a small window and few buttons. It is not particularly appealing. Although not particularly necessary, extensive Help contents are provided, thus ensuring that all types of users, including those less experienced can find their way around it with ease.

The program is compatible with AIM, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, POP3, Earthlink, Hotmail, Juno, LiveMail and MSN, among others, so it should be able to check all of our accounts. ePrompter portable includes an assistant that will help us configure almost any email account. It includes two audio prompts to notify you about new emails. What are you waiting for? Download this application and keep track of all your email accounts. ePrompter 2 codes is a software application that provides users with a simple means of composing, sending, forwarding, replying and deleting mail messages from multiple accounts in the same time. It supports a long list of e-mail domains and helps you select one of the provided screensavers.


  • Can be setup easily
  • Does not support HTML
  • No filter for spam,
  • Worked fine with my yahoo accounts. Very handy piece of kit.
  • Lets me know when I have mail without having to open my mail account . ie from anywhere I am . On line or not.
  • Small box gives you a lot of information.
  • Fast-Accurate-allows you to quickly glance at snapshot of mail..great product! Highly reccommended!
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Manage a contact list

The utility can be rendered non-obtrusive by placing it in the system tray with a click of the button. It is possible to add contacts to an address book, so that you can keep better count of your contacts, yet the only information you can insert is name and e-mail address, which might not be sufficient for some users.

Setup update time and notifications, and write e-mails

This utility updates e-mails at a user-input period of time and you can also set it up to retrieve them when it launches, as well as manually update the inbox with a simple click of the button. Moreover, you can easily customize the notification settings and use one of the provided screensavers.

System Requirements for ePrompter:

  • AOL autodial requires AOL 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.eprompter.com
  • Author ePrompter
  • Last version 2.0 SR120

What’s new in ePrompter?

fixes for AIM, Netscape and a Yahoo Beta send problem
fixes for Mail.com, Rediffmail, Lycos, AIM, Netscape, and a minor fix for a recent random problem with empty inboxes on Yahoo.
Fix for a few minor problems with Gmail
Maintenance release

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32 Comments on “ePrompter 2.0 SR120 Full Version pre-Activated”

  1. Scan results are confusing and therefore useless. No clue as to what to do and why some lines are different colors. Definitely for techies only if anyone.

  2. you cant fix most of the supposed problems, besides removing temp files pretty much, unless you buy. even then, it will say can free like 500MB of temp files, then only clears 150MB. intentionally written as deceptive software. like its still acceptable like in 2005 or something. doesnt tell you initially what is only available in “free” crap version, so you just waste time scanning everything, then it tells you sorry you need to buy to do that. crap methodology. installed without my approval when i only wanted to install their duplicate file finder software.

  3. It was not clear to me that the immediate one click backup shown on the screen after installation was only of my C drive. I should have set up a backup of my C and E drives first. (I wasted an hour — I just clicked without reading – my fault.)

  4. This program is so confusing. For the coding and variables, a simple notepad format would be nice, but they had to make it so pretty and fancy, I just got lost as soon as I was in. For another thing, you can’t customize the interactive character, only the people around him. And the maps are very limited.

  5. This requires use to download and use the Adobe Download Manager, which I resent. Adobe can be a resource hog, and I am not sure the ADM is not part of the hogging.

  6. Since the Protected Mode update, it has extreme memory usage
    100% memory usage
    Consider this the same adobe but with crashes/hangs every 1-5 mins

  7. Not beginner friendly. Not very fast. Be careful when downloading from Cnet. They have been including spam or other bad software in their downloads, it seems lately.

  8. But the program still doesn’t open. I see the begin logo and that’s all.

  9. Although it will do a backup, be forewarned that it will NOT back up your Autotext if you had an older version of the OS).
    Also, it will not sync with Outlook at all, which is pretty frustrating since I use my Outlook contacts and calendars at my desk, and now I have to enter everything twice.

  10. I have found that Picasa is easy to use. Drag & drop the photos where you want, even between folders. It does all I require. Thank You.

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