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Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 precracked is a replacement windows shell. In order to replace Windows Explorer as a shell, Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 For Pc Free Download will offer a system tray (the area that collects the icons collected at the lower right corner in Explorer), called emergeTray. Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 pre-Activated Free Download will also provide access to the users programs (normally accessed with the windows start button) via a right-click on the desktop, via emergeCore. Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 full version patch has an open API, which allows for applets to be coded with compilers other than MinGW if someone wishes to do so.

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Users can adjust the position, color, opacity, and other characteristics, and we liked that the configuration menu for each applet was easy to access with a right click of the mouse. Users can also access the Start menu by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, which is a nice touch. Overall, Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 pre-Activated Free Download didn’t totally blow our minds, but users who prefer more flexibility than the Windows Explorer shell provides might find that this program is exactly what they need.

Although the program does not intend to change the file browser interface, it provides you with a highly customizable menu that can be adapted to your daily activity. Moreover, the developers can use the available API to create new applets that can enhance its usage. The standard installation features multiple applets that can can be configured individually by using the Control – right-click combination on the displayed items. The configuration method and the available options are described in detail in the included documentation. Overall, Emerge Desktop 6.1.3 For Pc Free Download is a flexible shell replacement that can be used to simplify your activity in the Windows environment.


  • Reliable, small-ish footprint, flexible, minimalist.Desktop menu (rt-click, etc) for programs is great.
  • – The task bar applet being placed along the vertical axis has a bug that causes the applets to overlay each other. Not really a severe problem, but the way it should be fixed is if two applets are touching each other it will automatically expand each one to fit the size of the screen. Otherwise I have no complaints.
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Unfortunately, the customizable menu does not include the quick search feature that is present on Windows Vista and 7. The desktop items are no longer visible which means you can work without any distractions but the only way to access the saved documents is the Desktop section of the context menu. The system tray is available and displays all the icons of the applications that run in background. A customizable part of the taskbar is the clock area that has an additional feature: you can quickly execute a command by typing it after clicking the clock.

System Requirements for Emerge Desktop:

What’s new in Emerge Desktop?

Tooltips not dismissing in emergeTray
Window order and focus when restoring windows with ShowDesktop
Google Chrome not working correctly
Update the Tutorial internal command to point to the new site
Corrected issue where Blur affect did not always work
Fixed regression where ‘Top’ applets would not always be on top
AutoSize 'wrap at' to allow limiting the number of icons per row/column when autosize is enabled
Fixed regression in emergeHotkeys where other non-Emerge hotkeys would not behave properly
Task ordering – task is "dropped" when the left mouse button is released or the mouse leaves the applet
More apps (i.e. Cygwin X based apps) now show up in emergeTasks

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  1. This is an excellent font for Indian languages. I am using aps designer 4.0 for 32 bit for the last 15 years. But I am searching aps designer for window 10 now.

  2. Did not get the software disc to load to my childrens PCs that do not have internet access (3 licences)

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