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It's possible to search and replace keywords within the same document or across multiple files in a specified directory, and the application lets you apply a wide range of advanced filters in this regard. Furthermore, you can compare two documents by placing them next to each other, as well as enable synchronized scrolling. A spellchecker can be enabled and personalized.

Syntax highlights and code snippets

EmEditor also reserves some special options for programmers and web designers. Apart from the fact that it enables them to open coding scripts, it features syntax highlighting and predefined snippets for popular languages, such as C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl or PHP.

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With EmEditor Text Editor Professional 6.0 one can create functionally rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript, which allows in defining most operations. Not only can one define a macro which records keystrokes that can be used and referenced repeatedly, but also write his own macros which can manipulate other applications, Windows files, or network functionalities. The macros are based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, so all of the powerful, robust objects available under the WSH can be used with it. New features which makes it different from previous versions are Powerful tab features, Single-process, multi-threading, and supporting more Unicode characters. Download EmEditor Professional 20.4 Full Version keygen – Feature-rich text editor for seasoned users, with support for large files, Unicode, file comparison, advanced search, syntax highlights, code snippets and more Feature-rich text editor for seasoned users, with support for large files, Unicode, file comparison, advanced search, syntax highlights, code snippets and more

Created as an intricate word processing application for truly experienced PC users,EmEditor Professional For Pc Free Download seems to have everything it needs to compete with other tools in its category. It feels light, it's very fast, and it has minimal impact on computer performance. However, the true attraction lies in its comprehensive set of features and customization preferences dedicated to text editing.

Customizable setup and interface

Setting up EmEditor takes little time, and you are given the possibility to customize components from the get-go. For example, you can exclude languages and plugins.


  • Support for as many as 26 languages
  • Fully Customizable text keyboard Mapping
  • Many useful plugins such as Web Preview and Snippets
  • Not a WYSIWYG editor
EmEditor Professional Full Version pre-Activated

Edit program codes, HTML web pages, and other text documents EmEditor 6.0 is a small and powerful text editing software developed by Emurasoft Inc. Easy to customize environment and support for as many as 26 languages make it a good choice as a multifunctional text editor. It is one OUTSTANDING product for editing the text and for programming in many different languages such as SQL , ASP, ASP.NET, XML and X86 Assembler without any problems.

System Requirements for EmEditor Professional:

  • Pentium CPU
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 5 MB free space
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: shop.emeditor.com
  • Author EmuraSoft Inc
  • Last version 20.4.5

What’s new in EmEditor Professional?

Fixed a bug where EmEditor could crash after a replace using regular expressions under a certain condition.
Fixed a bug where opening a binary file and selecting the “Select Encoding form List” option did not show the encoding list.
Fixed a bug where EmEditor could suddenly close after a Find or Replace under a certain condition.
This release fixes a bug where regular expression searches without the Match Case option might have failed.
New General Features:
Added an option to use uchardet (C++ fork of Mozilla Charset Detectors), and improved file encoding detection when the Detect All option is used to open files.
Added an ability to split a file with newlines at every specified number of bytes, and run a macro against each opened document while opening multiple files (the new Advanced Open command). This feature may be useful when you want to split fixed-length record data files (that didn’t contain newlines) with newlines at every record while opening them, and convert them into a CSV format using a macro.

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6 Comments on “EmEditor Professional 20.4.5 setup”

  1. I use emEditor daily as my primary text editor and honestly don’t know what I would do without it – in particular, I rely heavily on the large text file support, as I work regularly with very large text files, though it’s a very capable Unicode-capable text editor even for ordinary use.

  2. they will not tell you that you can not burn to cd/dvd,without $ upgrade, so I will tell you, you cannot burn

  3. o Overall quality of this software is generally bad.
    o A number of the bells and whistles features simply do not work (e.g., System clean – disk free space scrub. A DoD scrub (3x) of 350GB of free space does NOT take 30 seconds). Proved by the fact Pandora recovery can find and restore supposedly scrubbed data.
    o I ran into an error immediately after installing; a re-install did not help.
    o Image file names seem to be random (unlike previous versions of Acronis where they were very predictable).
    o I got a BSOD on my first attempt at mounting a backup image.
    o Some annoying UI level issues (classic Acronis). e.g., picking a backup destination takes about 3 tries before it sticks.
    o Uninstaller (via control panel) doesn’t work (you have to use the installer just like you are installing it, and choose the uninstall option).
    o Uninstall leaves garbage on Win7 and breaks Windows 7 backup.
    o Uninstall leaves drivers on system (e.g., snapman.sys).

  4. poor layout, not intuitive. often received erroneous reads on my backups, saying they are invalid when they are not. Problematic. Poor customer support.

  5. not even the pitch to upgrade to pro version after each conversion is annoying since this program works so good.

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