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You can even import your own data to the map and place marks and paths. You can easily calculate distances with a ruler that shows you the kilometers between two different locations. It even has the ability to show political boundaries, longitude-latitude grids, geographical features like rivers, streams, etc. , detailed information on earthquakes, among other useful things. What is great is that all the maps can be saved and printed for educational or informational purposes.

Earth Explorer Full Crack

The program can be configured to display different views, such as those outlining rivers, major cities, or recent earthquakes. As a student resource, the program could certainly be invaluable, but anyone with an interest in geography may also find this a fun way to expand her global knowledge. A digital map software program Download Earth Explorer keys – Search for countries, cities, rivers or islands and include the locations on your GPS tracker using this simple and straightforward app

Earth at your feet

View bird view images of countries and cities from all over the world. Find out all the geographic features of any country on Earth thanks to Earth Explorer full version serial keys , a perfect program for educational and scientific environments.


An entertaining way to expand your knowledge of the globe. Earth Explorer Activation Key is a 3D atlas that will allow you to explore the planet in a unique way in real time. If you want to find out more about the planet you live on, or you’re looking for the perfect complement for a GPS navigation device, you should download Earth Explorer 2018 precracked for free.


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Wide variety of geography functions
  • Good educational value
  • 30m/pixel resolution is not enough to see the streets
  • Provides useful geographic and demographics information
  • Cannot transfer to presentation formats
  • Right from the first time I tried this software it nagged me to purchase it. It wouldn’t allow me to zoom in at all without nagging me to buy it. How are you supposed to know if you like the software if you can’t try it?????? I uninstalled it and went back to Google Earth. ( it’s FREE ) Latest version of GE has many new features including realtime clouds and radar.
  • I would like to find Nova Scotia on your site, for example.
Earth Explorer full version with crack and keygen

While it doesn't provide the same impressive resolution as Google Earth for example, Earth Explorer Registration Code displays a bunch of useful details when navigating to a defined location, such as capital, population, GDP and area. The options menu is just minimal and provides you a limited number of settings to configure distance unit, FOV, lat/lon format, grid step, bearing, max resolution and max items. Of course, Earth Explorer 2018 precracked needs just a reasonable amount of resources to work properly and works okay no matter the Windows version. Overall, Earth Explorer 2018 license Key is far from being the best app in this particular software category, but it's still a good choice if you wish to get information on specific locations with just a few clicks.

System Requirements for Earth Explorer:

  • PII500, PowerPC G3 800 or faster processor
  • 256 RAM at minimum, 512MB is recommended
  • 100MB of free hard disk space or more
  • 24bit color monitor, resolution at 800 x 600 or higher
  • Internet connection
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Motherplanet, Inc
  • Last version 2018

What’s new in Earth Explorer?

Support self-define living map from local/network/web;
Support altitude(from ground) in self-define location map;
Support report gps location to your manager server periodically;
Support popup html information when user click location item in the map window;
Background download bug fixed.
Add support for GPS navigation with NEMA-0183 compatible GPS Receiver;
Add support for multi-core cpu, fast rendering speedAdd GPS-tracks map;
Add region select function for background maps download;
Update countries and region information;
Add 50000+ earthquakes to database
Add new 50m/pixel shaded relif topographical view mode derived from SRTM
Add new 50m/pixel blending view mode derived from satellite view mode and topographical view mode.
Increase the map redering speed by 20%
Increase the speed of image fetching from remote server by 100%
Improved program interface;
Added some new buttons to toolbar;

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  1. Toke it from Allplayers own side–It shows some code 5 problems
    and my installing will not work

  2. Great for building touch screen presentations by yourself! It’s really easy! This would look great in trade shows

  3. Used the program on a U3 stick for about one year now. Although it can be slow, mainly due to the U3 stick issue at my working place, this is a helpfull program. I purchased the Pro key because of frequent use.
    Both increasing size of my syncing files as well as the U3 issue, urged me to start using the syn on a larger USB-type stick. After a few weeks a needed to buy the Pro key again. After contacting the company, it turned out that you only buy a Pro key for a storage type. So in my case only for U3 stick and not for ordinary USB sticks. Feel pretty disappointed on this!!

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