DXVA Checker 4.5.1 free full download

DXVA Checker Full Version portable

DXVA Checker 4.5.1 Registration Code is a software application that was designed specifically to aid people in viewing detailed information about their computer’s GPU.

Intuitive interface

The installation process runs quite smooth, and the graphical UI you come across is quite clean. It comprises a few tabs which enable a quick access to all available options, as well as a few buttons and panes. Although Help contents are not included, all types of users can easily learn how to handle DXVA Checker free.

DXVA Checker full version with crack and keygen

Last but not least, you should know it is possible to take screenshots of the program and save them as PNGs to the hard drive, as well as recheck your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are available, yet you should know they cannot be customized.

A last evaluation

The amount of resources required is quite low at all times and therefore, does not put a strain on the computer’s performance. The response time is good and the interface is friendly to all users. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say DXVA Checker 4.5.1 preactivated is an efficient and reliable software solution, which provides you with accurate information quite fast. Out tests did not reveal any kind of errors or crashes. Program to find the compatibility of various audio/video decoders with your GPU Download DXVA Checker Full Version pre-Activated – Accessible, powerful and user-friendly .NET-based software utility that allows you to quickly and easily get various GPU information

View trace logs

This utility enables you to view information on the decoder and processor devices in dedicated panes, while it also displays trace logs. The tracing process can be started, stopped and refreshed with just a click of the button, and lets you choose the events you want to follow.

View information about detected codecs and save snapshots

It is possible to detect and bring up a list of all DirectShow and Media Foundation codecs on your PC, view details pertaining to each of them such as attribute, merit, file name, product and company. Moreover, you can easily register these items, reregister or unregister them.

DXVA Checker free download

Accessible, powerful and user-friendly .NET-based software utility that allows you to quickly and easily get various GPU information DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) Checker lets you find the compatibility of various audio/video decoders with your AMD/ATI, NVIDIA, or Intel GPU. Accuracy of the supported resolution from this application is not guaranteed, since the hardware does not report it correctly.

System Requirements for DXVA Checker:

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: bluesky23.yukishigure.com
  • Author Bluesky
  • Last version 4.5.1

What’s new in DXVA Checker?

Fixed Media Foundation decoder check prosess crash issue when GPU does not support D3D11 video acceleration
Fixed Device Information submit issue since April 18
Fixed "Show in Groups" setting issue on DSF/MFT Viewer
Minor fix
Discontinued support for AMD VP9 hybird decoder
Fixed driver setting issue on specific intel iGPU
Updated DSF/MFT Viewer
Minor Changes, fixes and improvements
Fixed app crash issue on Radeon GPU under specific conditions
Fixed app error issue when using D3D11 video acceleration during video palyback and benchmark under specific conditions
Minor changes and fixes
Fixed wrong buffer size in presenter
Minor changes
Now show "VP9_Profile0_NoDXVA_AMD" on Decoder Device when your AMD Radeon GPU supports VP9 hybrid decode acceleration
Fixed error when checking device under specific conditions

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  1. It allows for burning only 5 disks, the search results said it’s free! I have wasted my time reading all the way through this misleading con.

  2. The use of the program is not seamless and it would be nice if it the basic expansd and contraction without having to go through some option which coul be put to the side.

  3. Only that I couldn’t afford it at the moment! I’ll be back for it, though! (FWIW, I took note of some other reviews and feel the need to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Auslogics nor any of their staff. I can think for myself, thank you.)

  4. En realidad no es una contra, ya que es una versión gratuita. Hablo de la actualización, que necesita confirmación.

  5. 5th product from cnet that shouldn’t be in “jpg to pdf” search if it doesn’t do that!

  6. As of 9/28/2011 they are using Internet Monetizer installer to try to trick you into installing some crappy youtube installer.
    Who knows what other tricks they have decide to hide in their app. Very sad.

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