DVD PixPlay 10.21 For Windows 10 Download

DVD PixPlay free download

) common sound formats (MP3 and WAV) and video formats (AVI, MPEG, etc.), Burns directly to a blank CD or DVD (for playback in most DVD players, VCD players and computers), Choose from more than 160 image transition effects, Easily create and insert title and other text pages, Can also output video files (AVI, MPEG, etc) to VCD or DVD, Retrieve images directly from a digital camera or scanner, Outputs to DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD, MPEG and AVI (Xvid, DivX, Indeo, etc) formats, with NTSC and PAL support, Add shapes and fun objects to your photos (such as Santa hats and speech bubbles), Add custom captions to your images or use the embedded description fields created in Smart Pix, MegaView or Picasa

DVD PixPlay full version with keygen download

DVD PixPlay 10.21 Full Crack allows you to create slide show disks from images, videos and music and write them directly to a CD or DVD for playback on your television using a DVD Player. DVD PixPlay premium makes it easy to share your images with your friends and family, particularly those who do not have a computer. And they are as easy to use as a normal DVD! Other features include: Add audio tracks as background music or your own voice for a commentary, Supports all common image formats (JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.), raw camera formats (CRW, CR2, NEF, etc.

DVD PixPlay 10.21 Full Version keygen is a software that you can use to create slideshows from image and video files. The user interface of the tool is quite friendly. The first time you run DVD PixPlay 10.21 keys, you can run a five-step wizard to easily accomplish a task. Thus, you can import media by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” function. Plus, you can view slideshow details (file count, duration, estimated size) and properties (default display time, image motion, transitions, music). Furthermore, you can display each image with a motion effect (e.g. pan from top left to bottom right, zoom in to bottom left) and add transition effects (e.g. cross fade, fade in and out, page flip, wipes, slides). Additionally, you can either use the soundtrack of the videos in the slideshow or replace it with your own music, as well as display captions over frames. All these options can be configured or reset to default. Also, you can preview results, burn one or multiple slideshows to disk, change the viewing mode (e.g. thumbnails, film strip), and more. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources, includes tutorials with screenshots and tips, and manages to quickly complete a task while keeping a good image and sound quality. Since DVD PixPlay 10.21 free download is very easy to use, even by inexperienced individuals, we strongly recommend it.


  • Converts to web-compatible formats
  • It has many transition effects for your slideshows
  • None
  • Requires large amount of space
  • It can be used for any type of user
DVD PixPlay premium

Creates slide shows for writing back into CD and DVD Create high-quality slideshows using your own photos, videos or songs, and burn them to discs or save them locally, with this intuitive application Want to create a classic and stylish DVD but don’t know how you are going to do it? Then, probably DVD PixPlay full download is the answer that you are looking for. This is a one of a kind slide show maker that can be used to create slide shows. The slide shows can comprise with almost anything that you are looking for, such as images, music, videos and even special effects too.

System Requirements for DVD PixPlay:

  • Pentium 500
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 12 MB free disk space
  • CD or DVD Burner
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.xequte.com
  • Author Xequte Software
  • Last version 10.21

What’s new in DVD PixPlay?

Fixed: May show blurred background when image not already selected
Added: Preview for blurred background option
Added: Can now select the provider to use for map insertion
Changed: Now defaults to OSM Mapnik as the map provider
Added: Now caches maps to Windows temp folder
Added: Shows hourglass while downloading maps
Fixed: Map tiles may show as blank
Added: Usability improvements to main toolbar
Added: Background of frames can be a blurred fill of current image
Added: Improved help file
Added: Improved layout of Reveal Effect dialog
Added: Now adds local clip art to project folder too
Added: Better at guessing the location of missing image embedded in title pages
Added: Verbose load errors for clip art failures

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  1. Be careful using windows 98 – Only recorded for approx 4 minutes before program locked up. Support was not adequate.

  2. It uninstalled Freecorder – which I know for a matter of fact isn’t malware. Even though it is a toolbar, it actually WORKS, so it’s unfortunate that it is removed. However, it is a free program, so an easy install to fix.

  3. Will version 5.0 operate with windows 7. My earlier versions do not run with windows 7.

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