DVD-Cloner Platinum 2020 (18.10 Build 1462) full version with keygen download

DVD-Cloner Platinum full download

Since DVDs are slowly becoming scarcer with each passing year, it might be a good idea to create copies of the ones that are the most important for you. As its name suggests, DVD-Cloner Platinum 2020 (18.10 Build 1462) Full Version Registered is a useful and streamlined piece of software that allows you to copy and transfer the contents of DVDs with no more than a few mouse clicks.

Competent DVD cloner that also comes with an extra utility

Deploying this application on your computer's system is hardly challenging since it comes with a straightforward installer. The only thing really worth noting here is the fact that the installer for the Platinum edition of DVD-Cloner bundles an extra utility called iPod-Cloner.

DVD-Cloner Platinum Activation Key

The application offers you two self-explanatory, work modes namely Express and Expert. While clearly, the first is the easiest to work with of the two, bear in mind that the Expert mode is also fairly intuitive.

Duplicate DVDs without breaking a sweat

This said, you can start copying DVDs to your computer's hard drive and vice versa in practically no time. Evidently, the application allows you to freely tinker with some more advanced settings. For example, you can set up a temporary directory, change the screen ratio, change the values for both the reading and burning speeds, choose the DVD writing mode and the total number of copies.

Offers some advanced and quite useful features

Please note that you can also enable a set of even more interesting features from the app's Advanced Setup section. For instance, you can configure the app to very the DVD data, eject the disc on completion, power off the computer or delete the temporary files once the burning session is over.

DVD-Cloner Platinum 2020 For Pc Free Download is powerful DVD copy/conversion/burn software DVD-Cloner Platinum 2020 (18.10 Build 1462) free is a DVD movie backup application. It is capable of decrypting DVD movies and then clones them to the hard drive or burns directly to a disc. It can compress 8GB movies to a common DVD size and it also combines multiple DVDs to a single one. The program interface is user-friendly and all the user has to do to get started is to insert the movie on the drive, choose options and burn. The copying time will vary according to the movie size and available drive but it was found to be fast, since it wouldn’t go over 35 minutes.


  • Compresses 8GB discs to common dvd discs
  • Allows choosing what to copy or not from a movie
  • Removes protections
  • Not free
  • Converts DVD video to other different formats
DVD-Cloner Platinum serials

DVD-Cloner Platinum serials is basically the same program as DVD-Cloner but it has more features and tools. One of them, which is very important, is the converter; this function allows users to copy a movie and convert it at the same time to iPod, XVid and other video formats. Users can find many different options, such as for removing movie protections, dismissing menus as well as federal warnings. There are also options to choose audio and subtitles, splitting a DVD-9, and backing up only the movie audio to MP3. Effortlessly duplicate and copy DVDs with the help of this streamlined and useful piece of software that targets novice and more advanced users alike Download DVD-Cloner Platinum full version free – Effortlessly duplicate and copy DVDs with the help of this streamlined and useful piece of software that targets novice and more advanced users alike

System Requirements for DVD-Cloner Platinum:

  • Pentium-II 450 MHz
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 5GB free hard disk space for DVD-5 (10GB free hard disk space for DVD-9)
  • DVD burners
  • For Blu-ray copying: NTFS partition, A Blu-ray disc drive, A Blu-ray media player, 50GB or more free disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.dvd-cloner.com
  • Author OpenCloner Inc
  • Last version 2020 (18.10 Build 1462)

What’s new in DVD-Cloner Platinum?

Added a free plug-in: OpenCloner Decode widget. You can play any encrypted Blu-ray and UHD movies using VLC.
Updated decryption modules for the newest blu-ray/UHD movies.
Supported the newest Blu-ray movies.
Fixed some bugs in the Smart Analyzer function.
Updated BD decryption modules.
Supported the newest movies.
Fixed some bugs.
Optimized for newly released DVD movies.
Updated decryption modules.
Optimized ignoring bad-section function.
Update Blu-ray decryption module
Optimized the feature of 1:1 DVD copying.
Improved reading and burning function.
Supported new released movies.
Fixed some bugs about the Blu-ray burning function.
Fixed a few bugs about the DVD ripping function.
Added the function of Ripping DVDs of TV episodes to MKV files.
Optimized the method of seeking the sound track of DVD in the features of DVD to MKV.

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  1. hmm… it would be nice if you could use like… cool icons beside the names… as far as the program goes… there are no cons!

  2. Hard to find a way to see the field layout. I can do it from my site, but it makes design changes difficult.

  3. I would speed up the recovery process if it was possible. I’m always looking for more speed and get impatient when the software is slower than I want it to be.

  4. I have tryed the product and tested deeply for his pretended security capability. I was able to recover files and internet tracks despite of maximum setting set for ereaser pro (part of the program). Many other features was not working properly. But the one related to security was enoug BAD to avoid buying the product since they do not have a refund policy. So you wonder if the rest of the program do actually any good for any computer as pretended. I just e-amail the compagny for support as regard what I hust said above and was told they were all in holiday ????.

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