Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel Activation Key

Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel full version patch

The program is designed to be an assistant in the process, so its wizard interface is very intuitive; it guides the user step by step. The developer says that the program is capable of analyzing up to one million rows of data in one or two Excel lists. Another advantage that this tool presents is that it is not programmed as a macro (which can embed viruses or malicious codes), so it is pretty safe to use.

Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel Activation Code

Duplicate Remover is an add-in application that runs directly in practically any version of Microsoft Excel; once the user installs it on his/her computer, a new tool is added to the toolbar, with two simple buttons responsible for the whole process. When you’re working with long worksheets with large amount of data in them, it’s difficult to keep them clean of duplicates either introduced as a human error or because of the kind of the managed information. Excel does provide a native search engine, but the user has to provide some specific data to search for.

This makes searching for duplicate entries a very complicated task that consumes a lot of time. With this tool, you will save time and avoid headaches, because it finds duplicated data easily; and you can specify a range of cells in a specific table, or choose to compare data stored in two different tables, or even find unique entries in different tables. Once you find the data you were searching for, you can choose to delete duplicates, highlight their cells, copy them into another workbook, or just select them (to analyze them carefully afterwards).


  • There is no function or command to undo the last step
  • Great for huge amounts of data contained in a single worksheet
  • Great for comparing data contained in two different tables or worksheets
Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel Full Version key

The bad news is that once you delete or change the duplicated data, it is impossible to recover them: there is no function or command to undo the last step, so it would be a good idea to back up the file before using this tool or deleting the cells. It would be even better to use the option to color the cell to decide if they contain useless information. An add-in designed to find duplicated data in Excel worksheets

System Requirements for Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel:

  • Author Add-in Express Ltd.
  • Last version

I’m receiving an error message : “Union method of application class failed” when running Ablebits Duplicate Remover. There are over 500,000 records in my Excel 2007 spreadsheet. Is there a limited number of rows that can be searched?

There is no information about a limitation like this. In order to find out if a program’s function is causing the error mentioned, contact the developer on the official website. Also, this error might be have other cause, so in order to fix it, try to update your program’s version to the latest one available.

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  1. When I executed the setup, this process bar appeared on ANY CS3 program, and nothing happened… CS3 doesn’t install on my Vista…

  2. AVG alerted that file was infected and was unable to contain. Unable to stop program. Shredded with Glary, ran AVG and various utilities to scrub it.

  3. This is the BEST audio slicing software I have tried. I have purchased others, but this one is FREE. (It slices audio files up into smaller tracks).

  4. AVG will install additional plug-in that will become your home page. Can’t stand this. I don’t care if it is the greatest product ever. Uninstalled.

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