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Without making any specific alterations to your hardware, the tool bring in a drastic enhancement in the speed and performance of your connection. With completely automatic settings and a simple interface, this tool can virtually verify your ISP's MTU and your DSL (ADSL) . The tool can also optimize the internet transfer speed and local area network speed by tweaking and optimizing your DSL(ADSL) connection speed to its maximum. Furthermore, the tool also allows to tweak DNS errors caching in windows 2000/XP and tweaks ICS in Windows 98/SE. This Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP compatible tool is supported by free lifetime technical support. DSL Speed 8.01 Full Version Full Crack is a professional tool that tweaks and optimize your DSL connection

DSL Speed activator

DSL Speed 8.01 key will optimize your DSL settings to attain more speed and better performance on your internet connection. Now you can say goodbye to slow and sluggish internet connections and get its performance optimized by simply tweaking or modifying your DSL (ADSL, G.lite,IDSL,SDSL) settings with this tool. The standalone DSL(ADSL) connection enhancer makes the best utilization of your connection to bring you exceptional speed in your downloads and uploads.


  • Brings exceptional speed in your downloads and uploads
  • Optimizes your DSL settings to attain speed and performance of your internet connection
  • Windows 98/98SE users need to download Vtcp. 386 fix for 98/98SE before using DSL Speed
DSL Speed license Key

System Requirements for DSL Speed:

  • Author DSL-SPEED
  • Last version 8.01

How do you know the program is working?

The application will tweak various settings in supported operating systems. You will see that the application is working or not based on the loading times regarding websites and services you use. You should see a big improvement when you try to load a certain website. If the websites load the same before installing this application, then it means it does not have any effect on your Internet connection.

9 Comments on “DSL Speed 8.01 with keygen”

  1. Too easy to use? Too easy to get support? Great price? Really, there are no Cons. If you are scared try the free version, you’ll upgrade…

  2. It places a handle on your audio driver. I can’t use any of my music software (e.g. FL Studio) because this program does not close its connection with the audio driver when it’s not using it. Even if you turn the sound effect off, this program still keeps a handle on your audio driver. For me, this is a dealbreaker.

  3. Program is apparently not under further development. That’s a pity. It does however a good job and it can be configured to use within Total commander.

  4. Symantec (Norton Internet Security) reports this app as a Trojan and blocked the install. BEWARE.

  5. Why is it so hard for the developers of these monitors to actually check the official websites?

  6. Too many programs, including a McAffee scanner and Adobe Air, both of which I didn’t ask for and I have no control over. Updater that runs constantly by default. Huge footprint on the drive. All I want to do is read an occasional PDF.

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