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Furthermore, the search engine has been improved and makes it easier to be able to find the contents in which we are interested, something that could become rather bothersome in the old application. We have to say that the design of the interface much more elegant and functional than eMule’s interface, and it includes help texts in the application areas, in such a way that is will be easy to use for everyone. Therefore, if you are looking for a new application to replace eMule, and you have still not found it, download and install Dreamule registered .

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Furthermore, you can view a separate pane which gives you details about the uploaded, downloaded, or queued items, such as file name, size, progress status, priority, remaining time, category, and others. When it comes to sharing files, you can view a list with all of them, sort them by categories, or analyze only the incomplete items. Dreamule 3.2 Full Version Activator comes packed with a built-in player that enables users to play or stop the current selection before the file is actually downloaded, adjust the volume, skip to the specified position in the video or audio frame, use a spectrometer and VU meter, and listen to a wide range of online radio stations directly from the primary panel.

Dreamule Full Crack is a eMule version that brings everything configured intelligently. You just have to find what you want and make it download. Unlike eMule, Dreamule 3.2 license Key automatically connects to the network, so you don’t have to stop to inspect the list of servers, or configure the servers.met. Dreamule Full Version Free Crack has a fresh interface that has been redesigned with the intention of separating the configuration of the program and downloading files. Moreover, in the upper right corner has been added a chart that shows the evolution of download and upload speed.


  • None
  • Video player included
  • It’s easier to use than eMule version
Dreamule Free Crack

A great alternative to eMule

The basic concept behind Dreamule Full Version Free Download is the same that was behind the original application, and it connects both to the eD2k and the Kad (Kademlia) networks, but it differentiates from eMule in the fact that as well as allowing you to download files and maintaining conversations via IRC or instant messenger, it also includes a complete multimedia player and a home page with the latest news from The Digg, a tech news site and a world news site.

System Requirements for Dreamule:

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  1. It will not work….EVER! Uninstalled and installed 100 times. Never works. This is a piece of crap program that is absoutely worthless.

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