DreamLight Photo Editor 5.5 key

DreamLight Photo Editor patched

A simplistic, yes easy to use tool for enhancing your photos

To sum things up, it's safe to say that DreamLight Photo Editor free download is nothing more than a fun, simple and easy to use application. It comes with a set of basic effects that can be added with minimal effort and requires only a small amount of system resources. DreamLight Photo Editor 5.5 Activator Free Download is a tool to apply light effects to your photographs. Download DreamLight Photo Editor full version with crack and keygen for free and check out all its functions

DreamLight Photo Editor free

DreamLight Photo Editor 5.5 patched will enable you to add a single effect on the selected picture or as many as you like. You just have to open the photo and click on the effects listed on the left side of the app, be they weather, gradient, color, art, texture, dream A or B, stars, edge A or B.

You can preview the effects immediately

The great thing about this utility is that it is able to provide instant feedback for the actions you take. Thus, the modifications can be seen in real time and it takes just a second to apply the effects. You have the option to save the photo in two different formats, JPG and BMP, but, unfortunately, there are absolutely no compression or quality settings to allow any customization of the output.

All in all, I think that DreamLight Photo Editor reg keys has still a long way to go before it can become someone’s choice. It can’t do anything that isn’t possible with other photo-editing tools. It’s true that it’s extremely easy to use, but it also has an unattractive interface and a price that doesn’t match its quality. A photo editor with many features DreamLight Photo Editor Activation Code is a software application that allows you to easily add light effects to photos. If you like adding bright stars, auras, and sparkles to your photos, DreamLight Photo Editor 5.5 Full Version Free Crack is the program you need. Thanks to this software, modifying any photo will be very easy.


  • Pencil drawing feature enables user creativity
  • It’s too pricey for its quality
  • It can’t process batches of pictures
  • Some effects likely to confuse novices
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It doesn’t allow undoing more than one change
  • Many effects can easily be added
  • It comes with 150 built-in effects
  • It has an unattractive interface
  • Interface color is very unappealing
DreamLight Photo Editor Full Version key

The truth is that there are so many effects and modifications that you will surely find some that you like, whether a change of color or adding a star tail surrounding the photo. If you want to provide your pics with more color, download DreamLight Photo Editor pin for free. Effortlessly enhance your photos using a wide variety of special effects, including color, gradient or textures via this straightforward tool

System Requirements for DreamLight Photo Editor:

  • Homepage: www.picget.net
  • Author Photo Editor Software, Inc.
  • Last version 5.5

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