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Desktop Restore preactivated

This application might prove to be of good use if you need to easily switch between various layouts of your desktop icons. For instance, you could have a desktop layout for work and another one for home. The program’s settings can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop and selecting the app’s name from the menu. Once you choose to restore desktop icon arrangement, the utility immediately applies the needed change. You can save as many desktop layouts as you like and export them to your local directories.

Desktop Restore preactivated

Download Desktop Restore 1.7.1 full version with keygen download – A lightweight and efficient utility created to provide you with a handy means of recording the layout of your desktop icons and have it restored anytime It records the layout and positions of icons and programs on the Windows Desktop, and permits… Managing desktop items and their placement on the screen may seem of lesser importance to some users, but there are many who organize their desktop in a particular manner, like, for example, to make some programs more easy to open, or even group similar application icons to avoid going through the Start Menu in order to open those apps.

The only thing I’d add would be an option to define a global hotkey for immediately restoring desktop icon arrangements. Still, this isn’t a big deal as the program already offers you an easy way to restore desktop layouts. The hotkey setting would simply be faster. In conclusion, you should give this free program a try if you’re looking for an easy way to change the arrangement of your desktop icons. Save and restore desktop icons’ position on your Windows PC


  • Brings you easy-to-configure settings
  • Fast processing speed
  • Lets you save multiple desktop arrangements
  • Lacks an option to define a global hotkey for immediately restoring desktop icon profile
Desktop Restore For Windows Download

Desktop Restore 1.7.1 reg keys memorizes separately the exact position of all the icons on the desktop for each one of the available screen resolutions. Thus, allowing the user to restore the look of the desktop. How many times have you changed the desktop resolution and discovered that all the icons were lying scattered over the desktop in an anarchic way? There is no longer a need for this to happen again, simply use Restore Desktop, which thanks to its specific functioning and lack of unnecessary components is really small, and has an automatic and clean operation.

System Requirements for Desktop Restore:

Does Desktop Restore work with Windows 10?

I’ve installed the application and used the Run as Administrator feature to make sure that all the items will be installed in their correct place, but after the computer reset, the options were missing from the shell menu therefore I can confirm that Desktop Restore is not compatible with Windows 10 operating system.
Yes, it can be installed, but its functionality is questionable.

Sorry to be so brief, but it works for me in just the same way as it did on Win 7 and Win 8.1.

What do the numbers in the brackets signify? Those ones that usually follow the maximum resolution? Example: 3840 x 2560 [16] 3840 x 2560 [32] 3840 x 2560 [48]

Each website has its own style of displaying technical specifications, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what you are talking about. However, from my experience, there are three values that can appear in brackets after the resolution:

  1. Aspect ratio: the ratio between the width and the height of the image being displayed. Example: 4:3, 16:9, 16:10.
  2. Refresh rate: the number of frames per second being displayed by the monitor. Example: 58Hz, 60Hz, 70Hz.
  3. The size of the monitor in inches. 4K monitors are usually between 21.5″ and 31.5″.
If you were talking about something, please clarify by posting the link or the complete details of the product.

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  1. I recommend this program to students in my computer training classes. Been using it for many years and it’s one of my favorite programs for any version of Windows.

  2. Been using this software for years. Works great. Simple, easy-to-use, reliable. Does not interfere with other software on my machine.

  3. I am running Win 7 64bit and it works great for me. Been using it for years. I use the custom save/restore feature. I have different profiles for when I have my laptop connected to my external monitors and when it is stand-alone.

  4. I have tried your Desktop Restore download several times. What I get is something completely different. You have been reported.

  5. Because I run multiple operating systems on dual monitor systems I require different screen resolutions which scrambles my desktop icons. This program allows me to simply and quickly save and restore my desktop no matter what the resolution.

  6. This app is indeed tiny, installs and runs great. It is the best desktop icon locations saver for Windows 10 I found.

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