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DeluxeFTP pin is a free FTP client application for MS Windows based network systems DeluxeFTP Full Version Activator is a free FTP client application for Microsoft Windows based network systems. As usual, the program presents two different windows or desktop areas, where the left one shows the user local PC directories, and the right one shows the remote FTP server structure. The application performs multithread transfers and can transfer whole folders. User interface is similar to MS IExplorer to make the operations easier. It also includes a site manager, custom FTP commands for command line operation, and also proxy support.

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Finding the proper FTP client is always a difficult task, but DeluxeFTP 6.01 Serial Key claims it has what it takes to help users who want nothing more than a freeware and effective solution. With a GUI that’s inspired by Windows Explorer, DeluxeFTP 6.01 Full Crack comprises a site manager to easily access the configured FTP servers and create new connections with minimum effort. What’s more, it shows both the server’s content and a log panel to see each command and detect any potential error that may occur. One of the good things about DeluxeFTP full download is that it supports custom commands too, while also boasting proxy support that can be configured via the “Options” screen. DeluxeFTP pin is the best free Windows FTP Client – no nagware, ads or time limits Download DeluxeFTP 6.01 Full Version portableDeluxeFTP 6.01 Full Version portable is the best free Windows FTP Client – no nagware, ads or time limits

Another feature included is the drag and drop capability, to make the files and folders transfers easier. When the application detects a broken or interrupted transfer (download or upload) it performs an automatic retry to resume the ongoing transfer. Files and folders at both sides of the connection (local and remote) can be renamed, deleted or moved, as they all were at the user PC directories, and also offers the capability of creating new folders at any end of the link. The user can select the transfer mode: Automatic, ASCII or Binary modes.


  • Very small application with all the features for the FTP client tasks
  • None
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The same configuration menu can be used to set the default download path, the number of retries and the retry delay, as well as connection timeout and maximum simultaneous connections. You can also disable resume feature, send keepalive to prevent timeouts, automatically remove failed transfers from queue and force parallel file transfers. Drag and drop support is also available, and so is a bookmark engine to save your favorite folders and access them with just a click. DeluxeFTP 6.01 Full Version Registered is a fast and reliable FTP client that works flawlessly on all Windows versions. It doesn’t need too many resources to serve its purpose, but instead it remains light all the time. Overall, DeluxeFTP 6.01 full download is one of the easy to use FTP clients on the market, comprising only essential features and boasting a rather familiar look aimed at both rookies and those with a bit more experience.

System Requirements for DeluxeFTP:

  • Author DeluxeFTP
  • Last version 6.01

What’s new in DeluxeFTP?

Full drag & drop support, dockable windows, concurrent multi-file transfer

DeluxeFTP 6.01 pin

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  1. Very practical and industry level coding. And this comment box is the only way for us to thank to Neal.

  2. I have no issues with this software although I wish they would stop constantly updating the program and just provide database updates that would download to the program when started. The way it is, you’ll start the application and it will say you are running an outdated version and you have to go get the newest release.

  3. Tildes displayed in temp path during setup. Program doesn’t show full path when it asks you to select where to install program. Both of these are minor flaws compared to the flaw that I noticed in complex conversions. I took a one-page PDF with text running in all different directions, with different fonts and different justifications, and converted to HTML. The results weren’t pretty. All vertical text in the PDF was stretched, distorted, or missing in the HTML, and bars separating cells were shifted around.

  4. lacks the ability to select and remove an entire group of duplicates. One must click each individual duplicate file.

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