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It has a number of options which can be accessed through the context menu, by right-clicking either the clock or its system tray icon. For example, we can decide whether to launch the clock at start up, hide or show the application, or set its level of transparency. We can also choose among eleven puppy motifs and change them at any moment. The application is very small, only 1.77MB, and uses very few system resources. It can be downloaded for free from the author’s website, and it is clean from adware, spyware, and other unwanted applications.

Cute Puppy Clock with serial keys

This is a free desktop application that can serve as a decorative item particularly for children’s computers. It is basically a desktop clock that displays the time set in the computer in 24-hour format. The program is actually intended more as decorative item than a truly functional utility. The application stays on the desktop, showing an animated clock with the hour, minutes, and seconds, and a cute puppy sitting on it. The clock can be moved and placed anywhere in the desktop, simply by dragging and dropping it to the desired location.

By using the mouse cursor, you can move the app anywhere on the desktop. But you can also adjust its transparency level between 20% and 100%, as well as make Cute Puppy Clock 1.2.9 For Windows 10 Download automatically run at Windows startup and minimize to the system tray. Additionally, you can check out the 'About' window and visit the developer's homepage by making a single click in the context menu. As expected, the small tool puts little strain on the computer's memory and CPU. It is very responsive and stable. Cute Puppy Clock full version free did not freeze, crash or display errors during our tests. On the downside, you cannot change the clock appearance or make Cute Puppy Clock 1.2.9 Full Version license Key stay on top of other applications.


  • Small
  • Clean from malware
  • An “always on top” option would be handy
  • Free
Cute Puppy Clock keys

We constantly look for new ways to customize our computer, whether we search for creative wallpapers, dynamic widgets or screensavers filled with vivid colors. Dog lovers can opt for this small app called Cute Puppy Clock with keygen – it displays the system clock along with the picture of a very cute puppy. Cute Puppy Clock 1.2.9 free shows a small image of the pet on the desktop that seems to be standing on a clock, in its digital mode. Unfortunately, you cannot switch the time display to the 12-clock mode. The application includes a total of 11 puppies that you can choose from the “Select Puppy” area by accessing the right-click menu. Free desktop clock to decorate children’s computers Download Cute Puppy Clock 1.2.9 full version with crack – A puppy clock that will make your desktop more attractive and fun. A puppy clock that will make your desktop more attractive and fun.

System Requirements for Cute Puppy Clock:

  • Homepage:
  • Author FoxArc Software Technologies
  • Last version 1.2.9

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  1. Circus is a fun game but it easily freezes up and, once downloaded, will not allow another try. My requests for help go unanswered there.

  2. Takes much longer to load. Printer dialog takes forever to appear, even when printing the same document during the same session.

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