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Automate Crystal reports with the help of this all-encompassing software utility that can deliver documents to email, the printer, a folder, DropBox, FTP, and more There are a multitude of factors impacting your business development, one of the critical ones being the manner in which you manage your reports and how quickly they reach the persons in charge. CRD 7 with serial keys is a feature-rich software utility that can provide you with considerable support in this regard, being able to automate all your Crystal reports and implicitly streamline your workflow and increase your business’ overall productivity.

CRD serial keys

Comes with support for both single and package schedules

Besides, coming up with Automation Schedules, which is a feature allowing you to write automated processes, or Event-Based Schedules, whose purpose is to trigger a schedule when a certain event takes place, should ensure you won’t spend time and effort with tiresome tasks. It should be pointed out that the software utility can redirect any of your Crystal reports to a folder, print, fax, email, FTP, SMS, SharePoint, and Dropbox, with the supported output file formats ranging from Excel and Word to PDF, RPT, and others. Regarding scheduling options, it is worth mentioning that you can create single or recurrent events, with the possibility of having a single report run multiple times, with different parameters.

Capable app boosting your business’ productivity

On an ending note, CRD 7.1 Build 20160713 full download is a fully featured piece of software that opens up lots of opportunities in the enterprise environment since it can dramatically lower the amount of time spent carrying out mundane tasks. The program can schedule Crystal reports and ensure they always reach their destination as quickly as possible, with an impressive set of tools being put at your disposal so that you purposefully calibrate the entire process.

CRD Activation Key

Can efficiently schedule Crystal reports

As mentioned, the application is targeting the enterprise environment, being a tool that can schedule report delivery in a dynamic way. Sporting a feature-packed user interface, the program manages to look uncluttered, with the controls being organized into well put-together categories. The software utility is capable of scheduling single Crystal reports, with the possibility of adjusting various parameters that suit your needs, but at the same time, it can also handle packages, with the dashboard offering an overview of all pending tasks.

System Requirements for CRD:

  • PIV 750MHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Crystal Reports runtime distributables
  • 500MB disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author ChristianSteven Software Ltd
  • Last version 7.1 Build 20160713

What’s new in CRD?

Added: Microsoft Sharepoint Lists, Folders and Libraries as a destination type
Issues Resolved: When a report's range parameter value is modified the resulting report ignores the new values.
CSV Export: Added an alternative to Crystal's default method so that headers are not repeated on every line if this is not wished.
In some environments the report attachment is missing from the email and report outputs to other destinations do not happen. There is no error shown in CRD.
For Office 2007 users, Excel output is not updating the worksheet name, username, password, and other document properties.

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  1. Good discussion! I am thankful for the insight. Does someone know where my company might be able to obtain a sample form to edit?

  2. If your ROI is measured by cost alone then there are cheaper, and even some free alternatives out there. If functionality, customer service, reliability and a positive and long term business benefit are included in your ROI calculation then you would be hard-pressed to find better.

  3. Definitely one of the more polished options out there. However, when our computer crashed CRD support requires a $1700 migration fee if you want to install on another computer. Essentially you are buying a non transferable license tied to a single machine. Keep looking there are much better value options out there.

  4. Installs a lot of background extensions in your browser, introducing spam and ads into pages that previously didn’t have any.
    If you happen to register your e-mail address with the program, you’re in for bad luck! You’ll be covered with spam about “lifetime offers” as well.
    Horrible program. Horrible owner. Steer FAR away!

  5. Although I got tricked initially as not all the buttons displaying the download would give you this app. Initially I downloaded something which added a toolbar. Kinda tricky!
    And I just found out that this works only if you’re using the desktop and not if you’re using other apps in the start screen for Windows 8.1.

  6. would love to able make the file smallers i havent figured that out yet i usally make it then use my Animation Pro shop to make picture size and file smaller

  7. Have to buy the Pro version to enable real time protection. Would be 5 star if realtime protection and scheduling was free. OK so they do have to make money somehow…

  8. We have been using Retailiq for about 3 years now, and in many respects it is great, recently however I have tried to access lists of basic customer information and have found that it is simply not available. We have been doing a bit of fax marketing, so we tried to access a list of our clients fax numbers – unfortunately there is no way to access a list, you can only pull them out one at a time. We then tried to print out a list of outstanding sales orders for one of our stores, well unfortunately you can’t do that either. The customer support people are very accessible, but the only answer that I seem to get out of them is that the software won’t do what I want. They have a user support forum that was recently added, but when i tried to make suggestions, it wouldn’t allow me to log in, it gave some kind of an error about trying again later. Overall I would say that the software is good, but they need to do some work.

  9. I have installed it correctly but still it is not showing Telugu fonts in Photoshop 7.0. Please someone help me!

  10. …despite its detailed tutorial , it’s still not to easy to comprehend , in particular if u want to deeply know it . I find a little expansive…by the way is grafic app…they’re always expansive : take a look at Adobe’s or Ulead’s website !!!

  11. used DVD cloner 8. Skips back to the start. DVD starts; the main film missing the first minute. unable to fast forward or reverse properly; The “don’t copy adverts” feature doesn’t work at all. Poor quality images, missing parts.

  12. But the movie which can see is long,long time ago, not a trendy & up-to-date one, this is not so good

  13. pptx of 2007 can convert but may not run correctly if the target computer does not install powerpoint 2007 or MS Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack,you have to save as ppt format in powerpoint 2007 before use this production.

  14. None, if you want to get rid of About:Blank. Not appropriate as a stand-alone spyware protection program.

  15. IObit Uninstaller is easily the best Windows uninstall utility I’ve come across. Browser toolbar and plug-in removal and well-designed interface make it a winner.

  16. it doesnt work at all i try to play around change ip and mac reboot pc but nothings change, its a fake software.

  17. The problem I had was that about half of the album information it pulled off the internet was incorrect. Not worth $35 for a full version.

  18. It removes apparently needed registry entries. It allows you to put them back, but what’s the point? I can pick through the registry on my own and cause fewer problems.

  19. Used to be good until the latest upgrade; now it will only convert 8 minutes of a video … of what use is that?

  20. Limitation in the use of some facilities in this free edition – for example, the automatic update.

  21. Not many features compared to the feature-rich Registry Cleaners on the market, some of which are totally free. I got this at a discount as an AShampoo customer, otherwise would not buy it myself at full cost.

  22. The features are based on how much you want to spend. Want frames? Gotta spend more. My original site had no frames, but now I use them. I’m cheap, so I’ve been creating the framesets with Frontpage, and doing the pages themselves with Actual Drawing. A major pain in the butt, but I see no reason to spend an additional $50 just to make a frameset. Overall this isn’t a bad program, but their support is pretty bad, as is their own website. I’m looking into SiteSpinner now to see how I like it, but Actual Drawing really isn’t too bad. I’m happy to keep using it if I have to.

  23. I am a photographer and I want to document the progress of a construction project on a daily or weekly basis, taking a shot from the same location each time. Then I want to present the shots in a morphed sequence in a web viewer. Will the product do this?

  24. Videos were recovered as series of images, would have loved to find them as single videos files, but i was looking to recover photos that was done perfectly

  25. This game rides on the popularity of the Super Smash Bros. games by Nintendo. While Super Smash Flash is fairly fun, it’s successor, Super Smash Flash 2, by the same developer, is in the works. To check it out, as well as everything else by McLeod, check out his site.

  26. Nothing except the bad reviews on CNET. Boo hoo, it replaced windows backup. Why would anyone trust windows backup and call themselves ‘professional’? Acronis is a savior! Use it first and you won’t waste time.

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